At all times the mobile software industry used tricky ways to attract customers. Some of them affect the customer’s wallet, others deal with his/her mind and the third ones “hit” his/her favorite things. Let’s take a view on the list of tips and guidelines for audience capture and its retention possibility.

Ranking is the essential holding feature which unites:

  • Number of downloads for the seven days period;
  • Total number of downloads;
  • Number of failures;
  • Customers` rating;
  • Number of deletions;
  • Frequency of usе by customers;
  • Comments.

The points listed above form the general utility rate in Google Play or App Store. The bigger the rate, the more popular the program.

ASO promotion

The application has been created and launched, but there’s no traffic? That raises the question: have you paid enough attention on the app ASO promotion? No? Then let’s study the term “ASO” and possibilities of its use step by step.

ASO – App Store Optimization – is a sequence of activities that affect the program promotion with the purpose of increasing the number of downloads/visits by customers. It consists of:

  1. Title – writing the page name;
  2. Keywords – the words used by search engines;
  3. Description – a short preview on the webpage main themes.

To optimize the program the following things should be made:

The term Activities: brief description 
Keywords The words frequently used by a customer in a search box need to be chosen, optimized and equally distributed  in the utility/product text
Program visualization It is a critical activity to attract an audience. 

It includes: making attractive design/writing correct, authentic and important information/pleasant interface/no over-spam –the factor which turns the customer off

Title  The page name shown by a search engine. It should be clearly defined and must keep up with common customer queries

Keywords selection is a complicated process. Third-party programs like WordStat may help you in it. They show lists of the words frequently used by customers. For example: the word “vehicle” is used less often than “car” or “automobile”. Some utilities were made to analyze keywords in App Store for Google Play. They show the words used in those applications only.

Program design and styling is out of doubt. The developer should apply goodly color grading, select main pages in the system, create lists and equally distribute information.

The major app marketing rules are following:

  • Creating a mini-list of good features;
  • Benefits demonstration (screenshots);
  • Making description for the screenshots;
  • Creating a captive icon for your software.

For convenience sake: there are a lot of utility/website templates in the Web.

Choosing the program title is critically important. Try to make the best combination of the keywords and something cute, unique, giving positive emotion to those who see it.

Attracting to download

This passage is dedicated to an essential thing – software organic traffic increase.  There are the following ways to attract customers:

  1. Popular social media services (Instagram, Facebook) have become a universal advertising placement for the owner. Avoid “water” in the post, be laconic, grammatically correct, and don’t exert pressure on customer. The perfect integration is looking like this:
  • A short description of utility advantages and customer’s benefits’
  • A screenshot;
  • A call to download and a source link.
  1. Analysts recommend using paper and electronic media as well. Here is a list of must-haves when publishing in a paper media:
  • Make high-quality pictures of your product;
  • Do not use stamps like “The best utility!”, “Like no other!”, “The market leader” etc.;
  • Explain to journalists the main benefits of your software installation, describe its best features.
  1. Create a captive story of software development. The strategy is following:
  • Describe how the idea was born;
  • Pay attention to objects and people that inspired you;
  • Were there any troubles? Perfect!The information should be neat and good. Place it on the software home page. It will get the biggest number of views.
  1. Television – here is the scheme:
  • Does your budget afford it? Create a high-quality video. It doesn’t? Then record a video on your cell phone at home;
  • Find the most sufficient channel for promotion;
  • Don’t stop on just one TV channel.
  1. Targeting – the budget distribution looks like this:
  • Release an organic free application;
  • Gain popularity, release the paid and more functional version;
  • The price depends on competition. Study the market, analyze the competitors’ prices. Are there few competitors? You can set a higher price. Many of them? Then lower your price or increase the software functionality.


Here are the main promotion instruments along with the project development basics. In the second sub-title we investigated the most common software marketing instruments. Build proper SEO semantic kernel, top it off with quality content and promotion, and your app is going to be a success.

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