Today, the denial of the fact, that a mobile application might turn into an inexhaustible source of the business profit, is a big mistake. Nowadays sales of the smaptphones exceeded the PC sales. And by 2018 the popularity of smatphones will increase at least in 5-6 times.


We should divide the mobile applications into two types. The first type is – applications for inside needs of the company. The second type is represented by the applications, targeted on the increase in total sales, branding and marketing. (so they are client ones)

The most popular applications of the first type are:

  1. Services created for business automation ( automation of malls, hotels, etc.)
  2. Applications, conductive to optimization of mutual activity and improvement of efficiency. Such as:

– systems controlling projects and tasks

– mobile versions of corporate assignment social networks

– applications, which serve for inside communication matters (messengers)

– applications, which offer the mutual access to data and work with it.

In its turn , the most popular client applications are the following :

  1. Mobile program of loyalty
  2. Applications, used in addition to existing online services of the company:

– Mobile storefronts, online – catalogues and stores

– tracking services of the products delivery status

– applications, which help to buy tickets online

– online-banking

We also should admit, that standard options, used for marketing, branding and increase of total sales, in the context of mobile applications, actually are not effective enough.That’s why in case you have an intention to create a mobile application, it is better to follow the verities located below.

  1. The cost of the mobile phone application development is substantially higher than the same development of web site or web -application. Still, received income , at the moment, is lower, then the wed site one.
  2. Mobile application is an investment, calculated for a longer term benefits. And if you are absolutely sure, that a mobile application – is just a waste of money, you should accept the truth about constantly growing and developing market. As a result, the companies which settled there first, are more likely to become a leader.
  3. According to statistics for 2014, each smartphone contains 20-30 applications. The third of them consists of popular social networks, mail services, weather applications and messengers. The rest of the “territory” is the one which different games and useful applications are fighting for. It means, that business card reader applications, frankly speaking, are doomed to failure.
  4. A smartphone, nowadays, is perceived by an owner as a part of the personal space.And now ask yourself if you take promotional booklets out of the mail and put it in your pocket?The answer is clear, we should deduce, that an application should be useful for both: the client and the developer as well.

As a result we have got a simple logic chain:

  1. Users are attracted by free applications.
  2. Their monetization is related to advertising
  3. Business is able to invest the development and upgrade of indeed essential applications, deprived of another’s advertising.

For example, in case, your company specializes on drinking water supplies, nothing can hold you from development of fitness service which will make a calculation of needed water balance of the human body. And if it is a company which specialize on children products trade, you can ask the developer to create an application which will provide parents with the useful info or a nice educational game.

There are a lot of quality indicators for applications. Apart from proper work, you should think of audience retention. This nuance includes the number of users who installed an application and will use it for a long period of time. It is not so easy to gain the result. Especially taking into consideration the fact ,that the quarter of users send an application to the “trash” after the first time they have opened it. So to keep a half of an audience in the debute month is said to be a big achivement.


Annually the number of people involved into surfing the Internet via smartphones and tablets is growing.That’s why it is inappropriate to let your website exist without mobile version or application.Only because you might loose the majority of the audience.

Even more, the skill to think a couple steps ahead or the absence of it makes you either successful or not successful businessman.