The final quality of a digital product depends on the right approach to planning and managing development processes. Entrust these tasks to Lampa professionals and forget about organizational problems once and for all with top IT project management consulting services.

Our Project Management Services

Lampa is an industry-leading provider of consulting services, organizing efficient development processes and managing projects. A skilled staff of the team not only helps business growth but also provides some additional client services, such as the execution of complex projects or the implementation of the latest software.

Project Management

For your project to be successful, you need to accurately define the key business goals and values you offer to the target audience. With the help of certified professionals in outsourced IT project management from company Lampa, you will form the best business strategy considering deadlines and budget. 

Product Management

Managing the productivity and process of software development is a day-to-day practice of Lampa’s in-house team members. The organization’s experts provide the best service for optimizing schedules, and workflow, running smoothly, delivering, troubleshooting, ensuring technology needs, and supporting tasks throughout the project lifecycle.

Business Analysis

To ensure your business’s competitive advantage through new features and operational efficiency, you need expert-level help from MSP Lampa. The company’s experts provide a suite of monitoring and management services with stakeholder-friendly metrics on industry conditions and growing business options.

Our cases

Do you want to see our skills and competency in outsourcing management services and personalizing PMI? Check out case studies for partners in projects to create and develop business strategy and methodology business continuity.

Solutions for Industries We Have Expertise In

During the company’s life, Lampa experts have implemented more than one project delivery using proven methodology, technology environment, and methods of seamless scalability. We worked with all popular business functions and business operations, applying change management and co-manage projects. 

We work with any combination of services

There are no obstacles in developing and implementing business technology for Lampa experts. Regardless of the project or business niche, the company’s experts will help you ensure your technology is budgetary and agile and meets your and your customers’ needs. At each milestone, team members offer open communication on adjusting project goals and seamless support to address and vendor

Web Development

Lampa’s engineers provide full support to customize a digital product of any complexity. With its help, you maximize the productivity of your IT solution and implement advanced adaptability and cross-platform site, web app, or SPA. 

Mobile App Development

Lampa specialists provide consulting, analytics, and tech stack selection services, including framework, development, testing, and mobile app support. This contributes to proper management to keep the budget and reduce the release time of your project. 

UX Design

In addition to project managers, Lampa has its own staff of designers, animators, and control architecture specialists. With their help, you can quickly and easily implement a modern, stylish design and UX app, ensuring the audience’s loyalty and satisfaction

Smart TV Development

Lampa’s main profile is to build fast and functional digital solutions for the Smart TV market. The experts are competent not only in project recovery based on existing platforms but also in creating fundamentally new solutions, secure and clear of technology challenges. 

Our Benefits As IT Project Management Consultant

At Lampa, in all types of services, including IT consulting project management, specialists focus on the maximum quality of the digital product and the success of your business. This is what makes us stand out from the competition. 

Dedicated Team

We choose highly qualified experts with at least a Middle level. We fully staff the team with all the necessary specialties: analysts, project managers, developers, testers, designers, and system architects. 

End-to-end consulting support

If we take on a project, we provide support throughout the entire product lifecycle: from development planning to closure or exit from the market. We strive to improve digital solutions through industry analytics and the implementation of advanced technologies and features.

Software development expertise

With more than 7 years of development experience and a combined audience of 12 million users, we know exactly how to make your digital product a success. Constantly analyzing the market, we offer you only the best business and application development solutions.

Clear internal standards

To ensure that your digital product is of the highest possible quality, we are guided not only by generally accepted but also by high internal standards. By cooperating with our team, we embed values such as attention to detail, ethics, punctuality, honesty, and working for results into our company policy.

Holistic Approach

Successful business and digital product development require high-quality analytics, clean code, and top-notch support. We focus on a comprehensive approach to solving actual problems, combining all the company’s services into a profitable offer to clients.

Easily measurable and understandable KPIs

We use only advanced and reliable tools with sufficient functionality and capabilities. We use it to deliver the most detailed reporting and easy-to-read metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of our management or other services.

Methodology We Use

We have been working on projects long enough to effectively manage all the development types in 2022. They are all designed for different projects, scales, and business goals, but each technique presented does an excellent job. 


We fully focus on achieving a valid result quickly. Despite this, we accept adjustments at almost all stages of work and effectively implement them without compromising the quality and deadlines. Thanks to Agile, your project will be implemented on time and exactly the way you and your audience want. 


We remove unnecessary steps, activities, and other elements from the development process to efficiently use available resources. This way, we optimize the creation and delivery of software, reduce budget costs and release times, and increase overall productivity.


By creating communication bridges between all the departments involved in a project, we increase the efficiency and validity of the results. This contributes to faster release of product updates, improved overall quality, and increased reliability of the app, website, or other IT solutions. 


Working with the traditional methodology, we strive to ensure the correct and efficient sequence of app implementation. Because it applies a number of constraints, we develop without adjustments between phases and make changes after the MVP release phase.


We assign priority ranks by breaking up the process into many small tasks. Our focus on critical elements facilitates the rapid progression of the digital solution while eliminating bugs and optimizing all software components in the process. 


We focus on the client’s goals, aiming to provide the highest possible quality of a digital solution with the quickest possible release time. The trick of the methodology is that we focus on every component of the software, creating bug-free code in the early stages of development.


Using this methodology, we strive to implement each subsequent iteration of apps or additions to existing software in a short time. This approach allows us to deliver the final version of a digital product that fully meets the stated requirements and specifications more quickly.

What Makes Us Different?

We focus on the details, seeking to ensure the maximum quality of the digital product. Regardless of the project niche or the chosen list of services, you can always count on:

  • consideration of all requirements and wishes concerning functions and technologies;
  • qualitative analysis of the industry and products of successful competitors;
  • clean code and proper architecture of app components;
  • comprehensive testing at all stages of development and deployment;
  • a full range of support services during the software life cycle;
  • advice on tech stack, platform selection, and scalability;
  • improvement of measurable indicators of your business performance;
  • efficient project and product management within the contract;
  • provision of a dedicated team of experts with at least a Middle level.

We value our clients’ trust and Lampa’s reputation in the market. We focus our efforts on providing the highest quality and most efficient services, regardless of the project’s complexity, scale, and timing. 

Working with us, you get a full range of services, which includes:

  • analytics;
  • consulting; 
  • planning; 
  • design; 
  • development; 
  • testing; 
  • support.

You don’t have to hire additional teams or outside specialists. We will completely cover your project’s needs in-house, focusing on high-quality digital products standards.

Tools We Use

We use an advanced toolkit, which allows us to perform a full scope of work without losing productivity or increasing release times. During development, we match systems and utilities to an agreed tech stack to create clean code and effectively test digital solutions.

Our Process

Regardless of the methodology you choose, we optimize your digital solution’s development and support as much as possible. We can guarantee that we will complete your project on time without losing quality or performance.


Anticipating dozens of your questions, our experts prepared a list of answers to the most popular ones. If you do not find here the information you are interested in, please contact our manager of the company and ask them for detailed data.

What does the cost of it project management consulting depend on?

The total cost varies depending on many factors and is calculated individually for each project. Including detailed analysis and consulting, this service can be priced between $1,000 and $10,000 for a relatively small scope of work. 

How do small businesses benefit from IT project management consulting?

Through consulting, small businesses gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Competent support can reduce the company’s costs for developing and implementing a digital product. The benefits also include the availability of the service for small organizations. 

What are the benefits of outsourced IT project management consulting?

The benefits are obvious. The company provides your business with a service at a fixed rate for the entire period of cooperation. You don’t need to pay in-house specialists $100+/hour or rent an office. Outsourcing gives you access to qualified services at a reasonable price.