We, Lampa Studio, love to make interesting projects. But there are projects, which we are especially proud to be a part of. First Ukrainian weather application UNIAN Weather, developed with the participation of the “Studio Lampa” team is one of those.

UNIAN Weather is the project of a popular ukrainian news agency UNIAN. The modern weather service provides an accurate weather forecast and the most current tools for working with this data to its users. Thanks to the new functional application, you can always find out if it is worth taking an umbrella today. Absolutely for free.

As for the technical point of view, the project implemented the modern capabilities of smartphones running Android and iOS. Among them:

  • Forecast by current user location (geolocation)
  • Accurate and convenient weather forecast for a day, a week or a month for any available city
  • Beautiful animation of precipitation and weather conditions
  • Constructing the weather forecasts according to a user-defined route
  • Localization of the application for two languages: Russian and Ukrainian
  • Weather forecast for the popular resorts of the world and Ukraine
  • Adapted functionality for users of iOS11 and Android 8 devices

Join the growing number of users of the UNIAN Weather application on the Play Store or the App Store.

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