Discover the difference our high-performance Apple TV apps make for your company’s growth. We design everything, from media players to social networks, for the 4K screen resolution. We also provide other Apple TV-related services. 

Our Services for Apple TV App Development 

Smart TV App Development 

Our Apple TV application development is based on the latest tools and is equipped to handle increasing customer demands. Swift is one of the main programming languages adopted by our developers, and Xcode is the primary IDE in use. 

Set-Top Box Apps 

Set-Top box applications require an intuitive user interface with zero performance lags. We promise to provide the best applications for your set-top box so that users don’t think twice about switching to another set-top box provider. 

Live Streaming Apps 

OTT is the new generation of media services; More than 1.88 billion people use OTT services of some form, and the user base is only growing. We are experts at incorporating live streaming functionality into smart TV apps, a feature that takes OTT services to the next level. 

Smart TV App Migration 

Do you need your smart TV applications to have cross-platform support? Get the same app, or better, fully functioning on Apple TV devices. Your viewership will thank you for excellent platform compatibility and give out recommendations to family and friends. 

Smart TV App Testing 

Our developers for Apple TV and related services use the most comprehensive processes in each software testing life cycle. The testing ensures zero bugs during deployment, including peak traffic hours. Additionally, we offer software testing as an independent service on existing apps. 

Smart TV App Maintenance 

Maintenance is as essential as development. Get premium support towards keeping your TV app working flawlessly through updates, deprecations, new security loopholes, and other changes. We will simultaneously work on optimizing the existing functionality as much as possible so that you can stress less. 

Our Benefits As an Apple TV App Development Company

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team works around the clock to ensure the execution of each service is timely and high-quality. You can count on us for any questions and concerns; we love hearing your feedback to improve ourselves further. We guarantee our work will always be more than you expected. 

Great experience 

Our professionals are highly trained in their respective fields with years of experience. We make things work exactly how you want. Get a consultation with us today to explore the performance-driven process we use. 

Trusted by brands 

Brands around the globe highly trust our apple TV app development firm and custom Apple TV apps. Our outstanding results with previous clients testify to our success. Let’s make magic happen. 

Our Cases 

We have helped several companies launch high-quality apps to a wide range of platforms, including the iOS and tvOS platforms. 

Industry Solutions We Have Worked On 

We have worked on more industry solutions than you can think of. Here are just some applications we can help you with. 


Get a feature-rich bundle of tools to analyze business sales and revenue. We can help you gain organic growth. 


Launch a brand-new streaming media service with iTunes music and embedded tools users have never seen before. 


Explore the possibilities of modern pet ownership with an interactive app that aids communication with animals. 


Discover the benefits a new smart TV market can provide for your company’s exposure and outreach. 


An apple TV mobile app development can get your loved mobile applications for at-home financing to the big screen. 


Enable consumers to improve their lifestyle decisions with an app that answers their buzzing queries at the touch of a button.


Intersect the notion of streaming applications with fitness through personal workout videos people can stream as media content. 

Social Network 

Enhance the social networking and viewing experience with an app that encourages digital communication on the TV. 

Cashback Service 

Promote e-commerce owners on the smart TV platform and help online shoppers save less on their favorite purchases. 


Host your optimisation tools on the Apple TV app store and gain advantages over competitors. 


Promote accessible healthcare with medical experts providing consultations to users in the comfort of their living room. 


Broaden the limits of e-commerce shopping from hand-held devices to TVs and get an immersive platform for your products. 


Be one of the first to enable tourism promotion on TV devices and enjoy increased interaction from users across the globe. 


Add your new SaaS product to the TV marketplace and watch the numbers of consumers skyrocket. 

Technologies We Use 

We know what it takes to make the best Apple applications possible. Along with an optimized development and maintenance process, technology plays a crucial role. See the current technologies we include in our SDK. 

Our Process for Apple App Development 


An apple TV app development consultation is key to building a custom plan for your goals. We conduct market research specifically for your audience and niche to determine strategies that will work for you. The technology stack, platform, tools, and features are built around your target product. 

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX design for the app dashboard and its other components must align with your audience. Our talented UX/UI designers do the heavy lifting for you, giving rise to applications with the wow factor. The impressive user experience ensures customers keep returning to your service. 


Thanks to integrations with third-party software, you can get the added functionality you need in a quick time frame. We only use advanced tools that enhance application performance and efficiency even further. By choosing us, you get access to the benefits of countless integrations, helping to increase user viewership, engagement, and screen time. 


The development team focuses on test-driven development. If bugs still manage to get through, our software testing cycle conducted on real devices helps remove them. We ensure to remove security holes and unsightly errors before users can experience them. Your customers enjoy maximized privacy, security, and entertainment. 

Support & Maintenance 

Support and maintenance are the last but not the least steps in our five well-rounded stages of development. Our service includes on-demand technical assistance and regular care for compatibility. We change our products with the market, allowing users to access today’s most advanced features and technologies. 


Still have any questions? We will be glad to help with any question you come across during any stage in our professional relationship. Get your common questions answered below. 

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Apple Smart TV App? 

The cost of tvOS application development services vastly differs on several factors, such as the technology stack, UI/UX design system, and integrations. Arrange a personal consultation with us to get an accurate idea of the total costs. 

What Are the Benefits of an Apple Smart TV app? 

Apple TV apps are one of the most renowned platforms for streaming and related services. They have taken over TV channels by a wide margin, and the consumer demand is only increasing with technology awareness. 

Why Should I Choose Your Company as My Apple Smart TV App Developer? 

We are highly skilled at building Apple TV applications for countless uses across most industries. Our experience and attitude enable us to provide apps that excel in all areas, greatly enhancing the streaming experience of millions of people.