If you want to improve your transport business efficiency with portable devices, you need to understand the basic features of developing mobile logistics apps. Our team has solid experience in creating such services, and in this article, we will explain to you what useful functions such apps can contain.

Why it is worth developing mobile apps for cargo transportation

  • the cargo transportation mobile app allows the company to stay ahead of competitive enterprises due to the digitalization of business processes;
  • office operations, including reporting, discussion of the transportation nuances, and other details, are transferred to the smartphone, which greatly simplifies access to the necessary information;
  • tracking and control of transportation goes to a new level, due to which the transparency of all involved personnel’s actions will significantly increase;
  • administrators, employees, and clients acquire a single online space, which allows them to control business processes much more efficiently;
  • the app allows you to analyze customer needs in real-time and adapt the company’s actions according to the received data.

Features of the app for the transport industry

The mobile app and transport controlled by such a service get several significant advantages that simplify both the work of employees and the customer experience.

  • customers will be able to select vehicles and determine transportation costs in advance thanks to the convenient mobile service function;
  • control of all vehicles, including information about their load and technical condition, will be carried out from a smartphone;
  • by tracking the drivers’ location in real-time, customers will be able to see if employees are adhering to the correct route and the real schedule of cargo deliveries;
  • administrators will be able to manage the main business processes, including the formation of documents, payments, and communication with employees, using a simple app panel;
  • customers will also receive comprehensive data on order fulfillment due to the simple functionality;
  • drivers will be able to optimize their work and monitor the state of the vehicle directly through the app interface.

Types of mobile apps for logistics:

  • Document-oriented apps will allow transport services to optimize the processing of documents related to cargo transportation and improve the efficiency of certain business tasks.
  • Dispatcher apps will provide dispatchers with a better interaction with drivers and enable them to track order changes faster.
  • Driver monitoring apps can help companies improve service delivery by identifying low-productivity employees who deviate from planned routes or waste too much fuel.
  • Route finder apps analyze the routes available to drivers based on factors like time, traffic jams, and accidents.
  • Cargo broker apps allow them to regulate all processes related to vehicle loading along with related documentation.
  • Warehouse apps help trucking companies to optimize and speed up the sourcing of transported goods, as well as the processes of vehicles’ loading and unloading.

App development stages:


Before starting the project, our employees analyze competing mobile transport apps and determine the upcoming tasks according to the customer needs.


After collecting information about the target market, our team sets tasks for designers and programmers. As a result, we create a complete statement of work, agree on it with the customer, and pass it on to specialists.


The visual component of the app plays a huge role, so our designers always implement it with a high-quality user experience in mind. Our team demonstrates prototypes to the customer, discusses all the necessary nuances, and comes to the final structure of the interface.


At this stage, all approved ideas are implemented in code format. After that, the team tests the finished app trying to find problems in it and solve them before the service is loaded into the store.


A mobile platform can bring significant dividends to transport logistics if you develop an app for such a business responsibly. Our team understands all the nuances and features of these services’ creating so that we will be able to implement absolutely all the functions you are interested in your app.

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