Make your business projects in a digital environment profitable by hiring a dedicated team of software development. Lampa studio will select software engineers ready to create easily customizable and high-performance applications.

Our Dedicated Teams

Lampa is a Ukrainian development agency for iOS, Android, web, and TV platforms. Our dedicated software development team specializes in the implementation of digital products. Introducing dedicated developers through software outsourcing allows us to solve many business needs. 

Mobile App Developers

We create native and cross-platform solutions for iOS and Android with a pleasant design and intuitive interface. Our specialists use advanced frameworks such as JavaScript, Xamarin, Swift, write technical specifications, perform testing, debugging, and support ready solutions. With the help of a dedicated software development team, you are guaranteed to present a functional digital product to your customers, reaching 100% of your target audience and increasing your business revenue. 

Web Developers

Our dedicated project team structure includes software developers with sufficient knowledge and expertise to implement universal cross-platform solutions. In the development process, we apply modern adaptive technologies and frameworks that ensure user interaction with software elements in different use cases. Our IT solutions meet the criteria of high security and team management data.

QA Engineers

Do you need not only a feature-rich but also a robust software product? Our dedicated application development team has experienced QA engineers who use manual and automated testing to examine applications at all stages of web development. Experts’ work optimizes the development processes and increases the quality of the program code, its modules, and external components. 

Smart TV App Developers

The experts of Lampa studio offer development services to create software products for TVs. Our experts improve their OSs with JavaScript-based apps and add new options and functionality. A partner like Lampa ensures the creation of quality software in the Smart TV industry by using new knowledge and technologies. 

DevOps Engineers

Our team includes DevOps engineers who build, test, and maintain project infrastructure and their tools, ensuring a fast development and release of the finished product. The DevOps development dedicated team uses adaptive technologies and frameworks in every project, improving the performance of digital applications.

UI/UX Designers

Do you want your digital solution to meet the needs of demanding users? UI/UX designers at Lampa know how to create user-friendly, intuitive interfaces with pleasant visual design. We are ready to implement the top-notch design of your apps and can offer high-quality solutions that meet the users’ expectations.

Business analysts

The dedicated team for software development consists of experienced business analysts responsible for evaluating customer behavior, creating development plans, and organizing software project management processes. Delegating the responsibilities to our employees frees your time for other, more important business tasks.

Project managers

The development team must have an experienced administrator who can competently build effective communications with customers and executors. We are ready to provide a competent manager responsible for project implementation, from software development to prototyping a digital solution. We guarantee that you will get a finished project on time and within the allocated budget.

Advantages of Dedicated Development Teams

Lampa experts offer effective collaboration and management models to help you develop large and complex projects, reduce infrastructure costs, and ensure a controlled and managed development process. We provide a team of experts according to the requirements of your project, its objectives, features, and financial capabilities. Thanks to open communication and monitoring, our team can solve business tasks quickly and efficiently without breaching deadlines. Many development companies get high-quality products with maximum budget savings because of dedicated software developers.

Our Cases

Do you want to evaluate the advantages of our software developers? Get acquainted with the projects already implemented by Lampa experts. You will find a detailed description of the key stages of all participants of the process, examples of used technologies, difficulties, and their solutions.

Industry Solutions We Worked On

The experience and expertise of our specialists allow us to develop and implement complex IT projects for more than 14 business sectors. Depending on the market segment, we form a group of specialized experts and competently organize their work. 

Benefits Of Our Dedicated Teams

According to research by Unique News, 71% of companies trust web development to IT developers from third-party resources. Outsourcing software development to a dedicated team provides such benefits for your business:

  • Fast development cycle. Group interaction and a focused method allow the team to understand the project better and reduce development time and costs. 
  • Cost-effectiveness. Hire a ready-to-go team for your project – instant access to talent. A team of creative specialists gets to work quickly, reducing your expenses on equipment, HR, IT support, and staff training. 
  • Project Management. We welcome your participation in the work and are always ready for a constructive dialogue. You can control the performance of the allocated team, manage the process, and make changes. 
  • High adaptability and productivity. A dedicated team works exclusively on your project and focuses on specific tasks. With constantly changing market needs, we can reconfigure our team model at every stage of development. 
  • Great list of IT specialists. We have 45 talented web developers with the necessary skills and technology stack in their field. 
  • Cost transparency. We provide the customer with an accurate cost estimate so that they can plan future expenses and budget.
  • DevOps approach. By automating routine operations, we simplify all workflows. Thanks to this methodology, it is possible to adjust development time without slowing down the work process.
  • Continuous integration. We systematically support and add new functionality to all our projects. 
  • Free consultations. We are ready to answer all your questions so that you can make the right decision and choose our team of specialists. 

Our Dedicated Development Team Setup Process

Do you need a project adapted to the market’s requirements and in line with technological progress? We are ready to provide a competent team for cooperation. The process of creating a dedicated development team consists of several stages. 

Introduction call

We gather initial information for the app you want to launch for your business model. We define the tasks and functions of the future project and the target audience. We outline the exact amount of all the stages of developing your product based on the data we receive. 


We are ready to sign a contract if you are satisfied with the development budget. Hiring a dedicated development team is based on an agreement that spells out the terms of cooperation: delivery, work specification, requirements, the scope of responsibility, and payment. Additionally, the parties sign an NDA covering the case of confidential information leakage or violation of project deadlines. 

Send your requirements

Organizing the work of a dedicated development team begins with the following:

  • requirements analysis; 
  • definition of project objectives;
  • determining the composition of the IT team. 

Check prescreened resumes 

After defining the requirements of the extended team, we move on to the search for the right candidates:

  • send inquiries to project development studios;
  • interview candidates;
  • select qualified and creative developers with relevant experience.

Talent choice

We choose a talented and creative developer and scale a capable team as we train and immerse all its members in the project, ensuring high efficiency from the first work days. 


The organization of the development team ends with the signing of an agreement and the following actions:

  • providing the necessary infrastructure to perform the tasks set out in the project framework;
  • organizing operational and management procedures;
  • maintaining transparent reporting documentation and monitoring its effectiveness. 

Merge remote and in-house teams

Creating a functional software product requires the organization of close partnerships with all participants in web development. We ensure transparent communication, planning, and high responsibility for relationship management in the team, paying special attention to the performance and security of the final solutions. 

Project Launch

Presentation of the finished version of the software solution to customers. Our full-cycle developments are 100% integrated into the production environment, ensuring high productivity. 

Core Tools & Technologies We Use

Our development team is aware of the latest developments in the IT segment and is ready to use both classic and advanced technology stacks and reliable frameworks. Using these tools, we implement only high-quality and productive apps for browsers, mobile, and desktop systems. 

How To Start Working With Us?

Do you want to order the development of an app to optimize your business? Leave a request on the website. Our managers will contact you within 15 minutes. We’ll discuss the details of cooperation, sign an NDA agreement, and handle the team setup of external developers. It will take us only a week to launch the project. 


Working with our customers, we conduct surveys and answer the most frequent questions. We will provide up-to-date information on developments and terms of cooperation. Can’t find the answer to your question? Ask our manager.

What is a dedicated development team?

The dedicated software development services team is an integrated cooperation model between production companies and digital services providers. The dedicated development company provides the client with software development services on both a long-term and short-term basis. We choose the specialists according to the project’s tasks, considering their experience, technical skills, and communication qualities. 

What makes a good development team?

We assemble high-profile teams ready to solve the most complex problems. Working with us, you get access to the best experts in IT. Teams ready to quickly integrate into core software development and increase the efficiency of business processes by 300 percent.

When is a dedicated development team model a good choice for your business?

Focus on the needs of your business industry. Software development company Lampa (Ukraine) specializes in creating digital products for all businesses, from online stores to complex media platforms in the DateSents industry. We will help you to develop the best software and quickly bring it to market.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the performance of the hired team?

We use a dedicated team approach to achieve the project goals in our work. If you have problems with communication in the team or identify violations of the agreements, report it to our manager. We will solve the dispute by negotiation or reconfigure the team; otherwise, the guilty party will have to pay material compensation under the NDA. 

What is the cost of hiring a dedicated development team?

The cost of hiring a dedicated team for custom software development depends on the following factors: team size, technological expertise of each member, working mode (in-house or remote), and current market trends. Our resources are enough for your business projects’ optimal creation and support!