In the digital era the presence on the mobile market has a crucial value. With help of mobile technologies today an active acquisition, retention and constant communication with the customers is assured. How to identify whether mobile application is needed for your business?

Mobile gadgets for the search and purchasing of needed products and services are used so actively, that the vast majority of companies think of mobile development sphere as an additional business tool.

Business owners would like to know, if it is essential to create a separate application for their company, create a website, adapted to mobile devices or not to waste their time and efforts at all.

Michael LaVista, the chief executive and the founder of development company Caxy, has offered 5 simple criterias, in order to make a choice

  1. If the service and the product don’t suppose to use a wide spectrum of the phone’s functions ( accelerometer, GPS, contacts of the user or push-notifications), than, more likely, there is no need for the mobile app.
  2. If you plan is to use the maximum amount of the phone’s potential, there is a sense to create the mobile application . In case of the limited budget , probably, you would need to focus only on one platform development,- IOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry. It might require a deep research of the market.
  3. Companies, which don’t plan to use the phone functions, should think of adaptive site creation, which will look good on mobile phone the same as on the tablet or PC.
  4. When creating an adaptive website, you should be ready for bugs and incorrect performance on different gadgets. In this case the research is needed as well, in order to identify, which gadgets will be used by customers in order to reach a website.
  5. It is necessary to make sure, that the company, which is creating your adaptive website or an application, has an experience in this area. No doubts, a sophisticated company of designers and developers will take into account, that only fingers are to be used for the gadgets, but not the mouse pointer. It means, that a mobile version of the website or an application might include too many tiny operation details, unlike the standard website version.

According to the words of LaVista, after making a decision to develop your business in the mobile sphere, it is important to find a company, able to create a high quality application or an adaptive website and will pay attention to both: design and technical characteristics.

So, does your company have a mobile application?;)