It is impossible to imagine the life of a modern person without a smartphone. Many applications are helping to organize the working day or just to simplify the daily routine. Every day there are more and more diverse applications, which is why competition among them is growing. When creating any program for a smartphone, first of all, you need to decide which platform to work with: Android or iOS.

Which app platform should I use first?

The great amount of people is interested in what is needed for creation  of the app. The selection of the platform depends on the large number of factors. Firstly, it is touching the preferences of the target audience, the complexity of the project and even the characteristics of the region where the product will be selling. To take the right decision, it is necessary to grade the advantages and the disadvantages of two popular operating systems – Android and iOS. The practice has shown that it is frequently needed the effective interaction of mobile apps with server parts.



OS takes approximately 72, 2 % of all mobile world trade. The platform is owned by American Google company combining a wide range of devises. The target audience is a middle rank of  the post-Soviet space, Europe, the East. The main advantages of this platform are:

  • The process of checking and adding app does not exceed 300 minutes;
  • The low price of developing devices($ 25 registration fee);
  • One technical stack for diverse projects;
  • Accessibility of the sources;
  • High-quality written documentation;
  • The active community of enthusiasts, where a newcomer can be taught;
  • Java- a good start for a developer;
  • The wide sphere of using (a smartwatch, a smart TV).

It should be mentioned, among the cons, large number of devices on productiveness, screen size, operating system versions and other characteristics. How to start Developing mobile applications?  – this question is interesting for most of people. Everything depends on the difficulty of the project and the available budget.



OS was created specially for the iPhone and the iPad of Apple inc. brand Apple Company. The 27% market share covered is mainly concentrated in North America, Australia and Scandinavia. The target audience – are people with high paying capacity .

 While developing apps for iOS, it is important to think about a concept, design and innovative solutions.

The main pros of the platform are:

  • The certainty in the devices. The developers are constantly monitoring the current modifications of the iPhone and their technical parameters;
  •  There are many approaches in the development process. They are for each device (iPad, iWatch, Apple TV);
  •  The policy of transparency in updates. The company constantly monitors the release of new guidelines.

Among the cons, it should be mentioned more expensive entrance in the rate of 99 dollars. In such a way, a download of the app will be allowed until next modernization. The separate attention should be paid to authorization process though Facebook, which should be gone through Apple. Firm’s hard policy and hard rules to external developers – are  the main design risks. You  must always be ready for additional expenditure.

What analytics systems will be embed?

The existence of  analytical system makes it possible to process large volumes of information rapidly and qualitatively. With the start of a new project, it is better to use free programs (Firebase). An alternative is the use of Mixpanel paid software, Localytics.


For selection of the system, it is important to pay attention to  the following parameters:

  1. Analytics by events. An Owner selects user actions which are interesting for him.  If you use paid version, the final size of the account depends on the amount of data processed.
  2. Tracking URL. The analysis is used  for monitoring the effectiveness of marketing promotion. The owner of the project can track the installation site of the app and determine the best variants for advertising campaign (Facebook, review content, etc.).

How to test the application on real users before release?

The process of testing an elaboration can be carried out using different tools. The most useful variants are:

  • The Questionnaire of the potential users. The app can be given on a test by a certain organization. Objectively,  the questions also appear in  net-works, thematic forums;
  • The methodology of “soft start”. It is a widely used method of app testing through the channel with little traffic (up to 999 users). In such a way the existence of program error, shortcomings and other bugs is found.  An important condition for placement is the inability of users from other countries to download software;
  • Alpha and Beta testing.  The inner testing is used in Play Console.  the personal account on Gmail or G Suit is necessary for it. The user chooses ,the scale,  the version number of the APK (Android Package) file ( in the control panel of the target group?) and create the feedback channels.

The best thing for  iOS development is testing  with a help of special online services. One of the most popular is Apple’s Testflight.


The conclusion

The platform selection for the app developing  is the starting point in the project’s release. If you are focused on a large audience, use Android’s OS. The iOS is suitable for unique? and well designed. Pay attention to the data analysis and the testing when you will release the program. But if you don’t know where to start, it is best to contact the experts to help you make the right choice and will advise on all stages of development. To do this, you need to fill out your details on the contact page and briefly describe the idea of the application, a manager will contact you to discuss all the details.

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