Lampa Studio has released a mobile application for the company AXOR INDUSTRY, which includes an interactive loyalty program for customers and installers of window fittings of this manufacturer.

The AXOR app is an easy way to participate in promotional programs from AXOR INDUSTRY. So, when buying accessories, users can find special QR codes using the scanner built into their applications, having scanned them, they accumulate points and receive special offers from the company.

First of all, the application is aimed at window installers, but also contains bonuses for ordinary customers.

From the main functionality that was implemented as part of project development:

  • fully custom QR code scanner
  • SMS confirmation when user registering in the application
  • points and bonus system
  • possibility of registration in various sweepstakes and promotions
  • ability to check codes offline
  • detailed scan history for each user
  • different functionality for 3 types of users: dealers, installers and regular customers
  • quick communication with the representative of AXOR through social networks and instant messengers
  • cumulative bonus system for shopping promotional items in the store in the next application update

In addition to the main functionality, users can also quickly find out about news, contests, updates, special offers of the company, as well as have constant access to technical information about fittings.

From a technical point of view, in the application has applied modern approaches to development for Android, such as the Rxjava, Retrofit, Gson, and the MVP design pattern. The key role in the development was assigned to addressing the issue of connections between different types of users, as well as the functionality of scanning QR codes (including offline).

The new application “AXOR” is now available in the Play Market, and will soon appear in the App Store.

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