So we are going to continue with the information about the most interesting startups, which has become a part of Apple. You will find out the story about the most expensive purchase and really exciting details of deals performed by the most  successful modern company.


The Israeli company Anobit specialized on the production of flash-memory. Apple has to pay for it around 390 millions dollars. This step was motivated with two main reasons. The first:  one of the main elements of “fruit” devices are flash-memory controllers. It is proved by the fact, that the brainchild of Jobs and Wozniak obtains 23 % of the listed before components market,

The second reason is based on the fact, that the purchased company offered not only to extend the size of the storage, but also to improve them remarkably in the context of reliability and performance. And also, the purchase of Anobit got some new blood  in the engineer’s staff, who were responsible for the chip production,


The patent for technology of unlocking with help of the fingerprint pattern reading,was obtained by Apple back in 2008. In 4 years  it has bought AuthenTec for 356 millions dollars, the Australian company, concentrated on development fingerprint-recognition technology.

The first fruit of this purchase was the production of well known Touch ID, which is marked by the dactyloscopy characteristic. What is the most interesting, befor it has become a part of Apple, AuthenTec had a status of the only  capacity fingerprint scanners developer in the whole world. So in this way cupertino guys managed to swallow up the competitor.


The company developer of 3D visualization PrimeSense has become a part of Apple in summer 2013. The sum it costed was determined by 345 millions dollars. The reason of the purchase was in the technology which Israeli company had, it could as accurately as possible track human movements in front of the sensor.  It has become the basis of Kinect sensor, and it successfully works in Xbox

It’s not hard to guess that PrimeSense developments were used in the introduction of innovative technology 3D Touch.


Up to 2013 HopStop was a navigation service, functioning on the basis of online maps. Among its characteristics is the possibility for the user to get the data how to walk to a certain place or with help of the chosen transport. With its help it was possible to find out the waiting time and the schedule of the public transport. When buying HopStop, Apple had an intention to improve the “Maps” application. And of course, it happened so.

The details of this purchase are kept in the secret, but if to believe the financiers, than cupertino guys had to pay around 1 billion of dollars for HopStop.

10. CUE

Besides, in 2013 Apple assets added another company – Cue, which made development of the personal organizer-assistant  for the devices on the iOS platform. According to approximate calculations, the purchase has taken away 50 millions dollars from the cupertino pocket. It is possible enough, that Cue developments were needed to improve the functionality of Siri assistant.