We are pleased to announce that Lampa Studio has developed the Gastro family mobile project for the Dmitry Borisov’s network of establishments, one of the most famous Ukrainian restaurateurs.

The Gastro Family application is a unified solution for the entire catering network of Dmitry Borisov which contains loyalty programs for various restaurants of the network. It is designed to gather everything in one place in a user-friendly way.

The main goal of the application is to keep existing users by using a convenient and unified solution with a loyalty program and attract new users thanks to the referral system that is pleasant for customers.

The application was created in partnership with the Uployal loyalty program, which is used as a backend side.

The key features that were implemented in the application are:

  • QR code scanner for a loyalty program card
  • Integration of maps in a mobile application for convenient search of the establishment closest to the user
  • Multi-language support for ease of use even for foreign users
  • Flexible user profile customization

In addition to the main functionality, a useful menu was implemented for all the restaurants of the network with prices and photos of dishes and drinks.

From a technical point of view, the application was developed using modern development approaches for Android, including Rxjava, Retrofit, Gson tools, as well as the MVP design pattern. The key role in the development was assigned to addressing the issue of connections between different types of users, as well as the functionality of scanning QR codes (including offline).

Separately, it is worth to note the possibility of delivering information and marketing messages to users using the stock section and PUSH notifications. And also the integration of the analytic platform Google Firebase for internal analytics.

The “Gastro family” application is now available in the Play Market and should be installed by all lovers of delicious food and great drinks.

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