We continue to fulfill the list of companies merged by Google, which has played a role in present greatness of this corporation.


In the end of 2009 AppJet was added in the treasury of Kindness corporation. It’s main advantage was EtherPad service, an editor, providing an opportunity of simultaneous work of several users on the projects online. It’s possible, that the motive of such purchase has become a desire to leave behind the main competitor of Google Docs. Soon the service was abolished, still the developments of AppJet are used even today by different projects of Google.


This video servise was purchased in spring 2010, as a result it has become a part of well worked Youtube mechanism. The raisin of Episodic was in the option of direct broadcast, which might be mixed with commercials in pauses. Except this, Episodic has improved analytical abilities of Youtube. In particular, the merged service was able to dertermine the quantity of people who has watched the video up to the end, as well as the moment when it was stopped and closed.


The same period of time Google has merged Global IP Solutions. The price of the deal resulted in 68 million dollars, it exceeded one quarter the price of the company on the market that time. The work of Global IP Solutions  was concentrated on OS development for videoconference and IP-telephony. Also the company had around 20 patents in this marketing segment. Due to its purchase Google managed to change Google Talk and to improve significantly the quality of video chat on Android OS.


In summer 2012 the Kindness Corporation has made the most expensive purchase in its history.  Motorola Mobility costed Google 12 billion dollars ( approximately 40 dollars per share). And in 2 years the decision was made to sell  Motorola Mobility to chinese company Lenovo for 2.91 billion dollars. It might seem, that the corporation has lost 10 billion, but Google is forethoughtful enough. It never sold the patent portfolio.


For less sum of money- 100 million in 2011 the Meebo startup was bought. The company specialized on the development of small services, with help of which users could share links of Internet-websites. Also it obtained a resource for sending instant messages, which has served as a basis of Google “brainchild” – disastrous messenger Hangouts.

(to be continued)