Mobile banking doesn’t give up trying to capture fast developing market of mobile applications. It’s quite logical: the number of users becomes bigger every day, who use their devices in order to get bank services. Armed with such information,  a well-known resource App Annie has analyzed the condition of the segment of financial applications and represented a prognosis regarding its future.

From the report, represented by App Annie, it follows that the level of mobile applications usage this year has increased up to 60%, if to compare it with the results of 2015. Therefore, the analytics of the resource suggested that, up to the end of 2016 the amount of banking applications downloads will reach the number of 3 billion. Furthermore it is predicted, that the expenses of App Store users should grow up to 26% and be estimated at 52 billion dollars.

Due to results of the research, banking applications acquire popularity among the users much faster, than other types of applications. So there is an obvious fact, that banking operations more often are performed via mobile platforms. Also customers got used to learn all the options, which mobile banking offers. As a result, the experts made a conclusion, that it is possible to attract customers via the possibility of localized operation and informativity increase.

Moreover, the experts of  App Annie managed to figure out, that the most compliant for mobile banking app usage consists of the customers aged 25-44. The reason is that this age category is able to accept painlessly financial as well as technical innovations. Thus, in order banking apps to become more competitive (when struggling with retail banking), they should focus on them in the first place.

According to the expert’s point of view, retail banks should have high expectations in regards to mobile apps. Especially, recent analytics proves that, the customers, who use financial applications and their online opportunities, refuse from bank services 40% less, than conservative clients do.