To get the traffic jam info, to find out the weather or to visit social networks via the smatphone – is an ordinary way of things for each modern human. All these things are impossible to imagine without mobile applications. That’s why it is logical that they have become an element of business. And today there are more and more people, the life goal of which is to increase income, are addressing the developers in order to create applications.

When developing this or that application, the first thing you should concentrate on are their types. In this context, the technology of development is important, depending on which,apps might be divided into native and hybrid web -applications. Naturally, each type obtains significant advantages, but still has some disadvantages as well. To identify pros and cons ( thus to find out if it suits you), you should take into consideration the following criterias:

  1. Having skilled developers involved. This criteria means the time you spent to find professionals, who are able to develop the product. Of course, the quality and image of it should be related to your expectations. And of course it includes the professionals, which are to support it in future.
  2. The time allotted for development. It means, that you need to determine, how much time do you need, complying with the following conditions:

– to select developers, which have the same level of professionalism

– to give them similar tasks

– to provide the difference only in the development technology

  1. Practicality in development and adjustments. Related to the development level of tools used for design and workadjustments in the terms of used technologies
  2. Technical support of the product. It is important to think over the question, if there is an existing tech support, workingfor one or another technology. And this support supposed to be regular. So you should take into account such particularqualities, as how fast the updates appear and how soon the critical bugs are fixed.
  3. A speed of working. The speed of an app is of substantial importance. That’s why it is important to know if the transitions from one screen to another are noticeable and which delays might be.
  4. The user’s convenience. The use of an app supposed to be comfortable for an average user. So his experience of applications operation in this OS is to be taken into account.
  5. The distribution in the OS. The role played by the use of code option( at least- partially, at the most- full use) in different operating systems.

A preview: in the next material we will discover the pros and cons such kind of the mobile application, as native. Stay with us;)