Our trip through the models of mobile phone monetization is coming to an end. In the previous articles we have discussed freemium, subscription, advertising and paid application. And our next guest is a mixed model.


Some applications are able to combine a couple of monetization options. For instance, such combinations as advertising + subscription and freemium + advertising are rather popular. When using a couple of ways to get profit at once, it is possible to find the best combination specifically for your application. Still, in this case it is very important not to overdo and do not let users to fill stupid, who get banner advertising demonstrated and receive paid functional offers. That is why predominantly an advertising is exposed only in the free version, thus adding some points to the paid version score.

It is easy to cite an example. The recently appeared on Ukrainian market online-theatre ivy combines 2 models of monetization at once:

  • the payment per view
  • advertising

So the second option suggests, that the user has a right no to pay per view, but has to accept the advertising during watching it. Hereby the user has to make a decision. Still any chosen option is connected with the profit.

And while we are on the subject of the profit, it’s would be a good idea to summarize. In particular, to answer the question “What is needed to make an application successful and profitable? ”. So:

  1. The knowledge and analytics of your own target audience.
  2. Carefully worked out in advance models of making money.
  3. Providing of high quality content and unique functionality.
  4. The creation and further support of high quality user experience design
  5. The policy of non extortion regarding new options ( only an adequate for offered services)

Luckily, there is no universal model of monetization. Here, as in life, wins only the one, who thinks strategically taking in account all kinds of tendencies.