Improve efficiency of the development process, complexity, and change management with Agile methodology with Lampa’s outsourced IT project management service! We’ll help you maximize productivity and improve PMI to ensure your business’s day-to-day continuous improvement.

Lampa’s IT Project Management Services

Lampa experts offer you their help in project management to reduce deadlines and budgets, save on resources and develop your digital product more efficiently. We provide an expert consultant who ensures the delivery of the end goal and manages the latest software for your business operations. Through open communication and modern project management methodology, we achieve satisfying business goals and save budgetary costs.

Project assessment

Analytics and metrics in managing projects are considered key factors for the further implementation of a digital product. In addition to skilled consultancy, we assess business, project goals, ready services, and solutions to determine further development strategy. 

Project planning

After analytics, we plan, organize and customize the operational process. For this, Lampa’s project managers use current data, forecasts, as well as modern methods of building the roadmap and CI/CD tools. This ensures the timing of deadlines, implementation, and execution of business technology.

Project resource management

IT project management service implies control over allocating resources for the actual tasks. Lampa experts will determine the required number of team members and schedule milestones for effective project delivery software to a client, stakeholder, and vendor.

Project control

Lampa specialists monitor the status of the project and its progress. They monitor the technical stack, such as the chosen framework, participate in personalizing project management solutions, selecting the optimal development process, staffing, and timing.

Project launch consulting

Lampa experts use only proven methodology, which allows you to move seamlessly between key stages. This means that the launch of your project lies securely in our hands. We’ll get your digital product up and running without compromising quality or stretching deadlines.

Project recovery consulting

When development is frozen or needs upgrading yet needs to be continued, project recovery is considered the best option. We can advise you and start the work process seamlessly thanks to our expertise and experience.

Project estimation

IT services project management from Lampa specialists is a comprehensive approach to solving all current problems. We evaluate the profitability of the project, its payback, risks, and probabilities. Providing you with a full report, we consider all influencing factors so that you can make an informed decision on the development and scaling.

Our cases

We provide quality process management and business consulting services. More than 100 projects have been implemented with our help. See for yourself the expertise of Lampa by viewing examples of completed work.

Why Project Management Is Important

Through project management, a consensus is achieved between all factors in advancing a digital product at each stage of its development. 

With this service, Lampa experts will help you:

  • organize smooth operation;
  • select staff and team with the necessary skills;
  • increase development productivity;
  • reduce the cost of finances and resources;
  • reduce implementation time;
  • choose a safe and modern tech stack;
  • assess the cost-effectiveness and risks of the project;
  • improve communication and feedback;
  • coordinate the work of all project participants.

We achieve the best possible results using advanced algorithms, tools, and techniques for organizing the IT project service. We also provide post-release support, detailed reporting, scaling plans, and a roadmap.

Solutions for Industries We Have Expertise In

Over 6 years of work, Lampa experts have faced many challenges and successfully coped with them. We have implemented projects for all popular business sectors, their branches, and directions. This is why the team specialists have remarkable skills and experience for your digital product.








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We Work With Any Combination of Services

There are no barriers to the IT project management services of Lampa company. The team’s specialists provide comprehensive services, combining consulting and analytics, as well as development, design, QA, research of IT solutions, and risk assessment. We implement top-quality digital products just in time!

Web Development

We create cutting-edge websites, apps, and SPAs on demand. Need a streaming service, service page, ERP, CRM, marketplace, or any other type of digital product? Entrust its development, support, and modernization to IT industry experts!

Mobile App Development

In today’s abundance of smart gadgets, it is impossible to compromise and create software for a limited range of devices. We offer you our help in developing cross-platform digital products adaptable to all specifications by using advanced frameworks and technologies. 

UI/UX Design

Did you know that an app’s interface, graphical components, and overall design affect productivity and UX? Our experts have extensive experience in optimization. They will develop a top solution for you that will attract new customers and increase brand loyalty.

Smart TV Development

The OTT/Streaming market is now actively developing. New devices and services are appearing, and communication channels are expanding. This is a promising direction for both startups and experienced players. Do you want to break into the industry with a modern digital product? Delegate its development to Lampa experts!

Our Benefits as a Project Management Company

Lampa experts are highly qualified and certified managers, developers, designers, and QA. We solve tasks comprehensively, ensuring high-quality digital products. We also value high standards and a multidimensional evaluation of IT solutions. We put ourselves in the consumer’s shoes, trying to ensure the highest possible productivity and UX quality.

Dedicated Team

We provide cooperative teams for the development of your products. We select specialists with relevant skills and experience in the chosen industry if necessary. With our help, you will realize your IT solution on time with minimum costs for hiring and equipping experts. Take advantage of Lampa to meet the challenges of your project. 

End-to-end consulting support

We solve all problems comprehensively, including consulting. With our services, your product will be supported through all stages of development, with spot audits and bug fixes until release. This gives you 24/7 access to technical assistance over the entire lifecycle of your IT solution.

Software development expertise

We develop digital products ourselves. That’s why we understand the work principles, can adapt to them, or even integrate our specialists to complete the team. We provide expert help in solving problems of any complexity, expanding teams, or fully engaging in the complex development of your software.

Clear internal standards

We do not tolerate compromises. Guided by high standards and ideas within the company, we project them onto projects, developing and testing digital products as efficiently and effectively as possible. This service allows us to cover more tasks and complete them on time without reducing the IT solution’s final UX, performance, or visualization.

Holistic Approach

We strive for a perfect balance. That’s why we offer you a comprehensive service that includes consulting, design, development, QA, and post-release support for your digital product. With our help, you’ll release your IT solution on time and give it the best UX on the market. You can upgrade your product without extra costs with Lampa’s scaling services.  

Easily measurable and understandable KPIs

We use our own tools and metrics to track performance and productivity. Thanks to this, our service improves with each release, and you get more detailed reports. This allows us to improve and our clients to get the best possible digital solutions to increase conversions and customer loyalty to the brand.

Project Management Methodology We Use

We use advanced Scrum and Kanban methodologies to work on projects and maximize management efficiency. They allow you to increase productivity and coordination of processes, distribute the load on the team and improve performance metrics. 


This methodology takes, at its core, a goal-oriented approach to problem-solving. First, we analyze the idea and available resources and assign roles, goals, deadlines, and specifications. Then the work starts, and at the end of each subsequent stage, a retrospective reconciliation of the plans with the implemented tasks is carried out. 


The methodology applies the principle of structuring and designing tasks. A roadmap is created, which is broken down into smaller goals, and deadlines are set for them. Priorities are given to critical functions, and smaller goals can be implemented in a secondary order or postponed to subsequent stages. 

Project Management Tools

We use only progressive and reliable tools for our work. They are used for planning, analytics, performance evaluation, and metrics. All of this allows us to organize the work process more efficient and increase the team’s productivity. 




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Microsoft Teams

Project Management Process

Lampa team uses advanced techniques and algorithms that improve efficiency and productivity by 200%. This maximizes the effect of optimizing resources and improving overall performance.

Requirement Analysis

Research Consulting

Specification Creation

Project Development


Anticipating your questions, we have prepared answers to the most common ones. Here you will get comprehensive information to help you understand the specifics of our work. Don’t hesitate to contact our manager for more details.

Are your project managers certified?

Yes, our experts have completed specialized courses, interned in similar positions, and gained invaluable work experience. Now Lampa experts are fully certified and accredited to provide project management services.

What does an experienced IT project manager do?

A range of tasks:

  • analysis of available resources;
  • organizing teams;
  • controlling the process;
  • task scheduling;
  • capturing performance metrics;
  • establishing communication;
  • validating results;
  • comparing goals to actual accomplishments.

What does the cost of Project Management depend on?

The key pricing factors are complexity, scale of the project, number of specialists involved, deadlines, and targets. This can also include the location and gradation of specialists providing services.