User experience audit from Lampa studio will allow you to identify your Internet resource’s strengths and weaknesses, check your site’s prototype for functionality before coding and optimize the product performance thanks to an independent assessment of our experts.

Lampa’s UX Audit Services

Our team’s insights and recommendations can be used to identify and fix significant problems with your software. These include features not available to users, illogical UX solutions, inconsistency with brand identity, and more. We provide a comprehensive UX/UI audit service to perform these tasks.

UX Audit

User experience audit from the Lampa agency allows you to determine how convenient it is for customers to interact with your software solution. We’ll help you fix inconvenient navigation, site hierarchy errors, and design pattern deviations. Also, we will definitely notice unnecessary or missing elements, system errors, problems with feedback, and other user experience issues.

UI Audit

We can provide a fresh perspective on the visual design of your resource. Does the design match your company’s corporate identity? Can users see all the information they need on one screen? How readable is the font used? Also, we will pay attention to the color scheme of your digital solution, the contrast, and the general perception of your interface design.

Competitor Analysis

A quality UX audit service will help you compare your web resource to the leading digital solutions in your industry. After receiving the results of our audit, you’ll understand what your site is missing to achieve your company’s main business goals. We’ll provide your customers with a better user experience that will boost your business and profits.  

User Testing

We perform thorough User Testing using research-based tools such as User Journey Map and User Flow. After creating the prototype of a digital product, we test it again to identify possible inconsistencies as early as possible and save you time and money. After all, it’s much more costly and time-consuming to make changes to the product once it’s released.

Our cases

Seven years on the market and many successful cases – that’s the best proof of the professionalism of UX audit agency Lampa experts. Below you can see some of them:

Solutions for Industries We Have Expertise In

A detailed audit report from our experts will help your software become a competitive advantage in the market. We have experience working with companies in many industries, and we are ready to apply our knowledge and skills to your project.








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Our Benefits

Looking for a company that can provide an actionable strategy for user experience improvement with your digital product? Consider the advantages of Lampa studio – after our cooperation, you can confidently say that we exceeded your expectations.

Dedicated Team

A dedicated team will work on your project, fully immersed in the specifics of your business and digital solution. You can fully control the UX audit process, receive timely comprehensive reporting on the usability research results, and directly participate in identifying areas for improvement.

Well-established processes

Our extensive experience in the market of UX audit solutions gives us a huge advantage over novice UX audit agencies – our workflow is set up and thought out in detail. We start working on your project by planning and formulating a hypothesis. Then we conduct a site audit in terms of usability and technical characteristics. Thorough user testing provides further validation of strategic decisions, and finally, detailed reports assist you in prioritizing goals for improvements to your app.

Increased conversion rate

According to statistics, 75% of trust in an Internet resource depends on its UI/UX design quality. For example, if your site has a high page load speed (one second or less), your conversion rate will be 32%. Increasing it to 5 seconds will cost you ⅔ of potential customers, and your conversion rate will drop to 10%. Would you like to have quality interactions with your users? Audit services from Lampa will help!

High expertise

Over the years, we have worked with companies of all sizes, from startups to large corporations. We have had to perform a detailed usability audit report for digital solutions serving various industries, including FinTech, Fitness, Healthcare, E-commerce, Tourism, and many others. So whatever the specifics of your business, rest assured you’ll get valuable recommendations from us.

Fully Dedicated Support

Lampa studio experts can not only evaluate your software product. We are also ready to provide you with a dedicated support team, which will be on call 24/7, can immediately solve any problem your users have, and save you the trouble of hiring specialists on staff. We will monitor user satisfaction and improve the web resource until we achieve optimum results.

Clear internal standards

To ensure that the app meets our clients’ goals and the needs of their target audience, we adhere to clear internal standards during the UX design review process. We check that the software conforms to common design patterns. We also test the safety of user actions and monitor the application of attributes of the best design practices.

Holistic Approach

To achieve optimal user experience audit results, it is important that this service is provided comprehensively. It is impossible to create a perfect product by only testing its functionality or visual design. Therefore, we at Lampa focus on the validation of the UI and UX of your software, as well as its testing.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

According to studies, website design is important to 48% of users; they cite this factor as crucial in shaping brand attitudes. After conducting a comprehensive audit, your resource will meet the latest trends in the software market and become your undeniable advantage over your competitors.

Tools & Technologies We Use

Organizing an effective UX audit process is impossible without the use of advanced technologies and tools. In our practice, we use:



Google Docs


Our UX Audit Process

The work of Lampa studio specialists on the analysis of the UI/UX of your software consists of seven stages. We provide a comprehensive service to be able to study your product in-depth and give you the most actionable advice.


Before the audit begins, our experts gather comprehensive information about the project and plan their work. We will need data on the study’s objectives, the necessary resources, and the available budget. It is also important to set a realistic deadline for the project’s completion and stick to it clearly in the future. Business analysis is an essential part of this stage. We need to know everything about your business.

Heuristic Evaluation

At this stage, we repeat the user journey; that is, we try to look at the usability of the web resource through the eyes of the client. We note every obstacle that prevents us from having a positive user experience, guided by the heuristic principles of Jacob Nielsen, the world leader in UX design. Among them are system state visibility, consistency, minimalistic design, etc.

User Research

To move from assumptions to user experience, we conduct surveys, interviews, feedback studies, and other methods of obtaining feedback. This allows us to evaluate the interaction with the web resource from the perspective of real users. This helps bring the resource even closer to the ideal that will be perceived by the majority of the target audience.


To get a complete picture of the site’s usability, we create test cases to conduct real user tests. This is important because it allows us to detect problems that may have been missed at previous stages – user research and heuristic evaluation. To maximize the results of the UI/UX audit, one team must specialize in all stages of the process.

Technical Evaluation

At this stage of usability research, our team checks the technical compliance of the resource with the stated requirements of the customer and user expectations. The absence of technical errors and the use of an optimal tech stack guarantee the software’s flexibility, scalability, and functionality. This, in turn, increases user loyalty and your profit.

Data Evaluation

We evaluate data after the launch of a digital product. This requires a detailed review of analytics and research and helps us evaluate the success of the new user experience, i.e., whether our suggestions are justified. Verifying the hypothesis at the initial stage saves time and budget because it’s easier to make changes at this stage than after the full release.


After completing the previous stages, we prepare a detailed report for our clients. It contains data on all investigated metrics, an overview of detected problems, and recommendations for their elimination. We justify each piece of advice to avoid the slightest doubt of the client in the feasibility of the proposed changes. The Lampa team is fully responsible for all recommendations and is ready to assist your project even after its updated version is released.


For detailed information about our UX audit services, please contact our manager by phone, via popular messengers, or by filling out the feedback form. Below you will find answers to frequent questions of our customers.

What other services does Lampa provide?

In addition to UX audit, Lampa studio provides services for developing mobile and web solutions, creating UI/UX design, and automated and manual software testing. Also, we are approached for advice and professional support in the field of Project and Product management and Business analysis. Thus, you can get comprehensive assistance from us in developing your product solution.

Why is a UX audit important for business?

Experts claim that 88% of users will not return to your site after a bad user experience. UI/UX audit helps detect and eliminate site usage problems and ensures that your clients won’t leave you for competitors.

What influences the cost calculation for UX audit?

The cost of a UX audit depends on how in-depth research you need and what reports you want to see upon completion. The difference in the cost of such services can be up to several thousand dollars. Please get in touch with our manager to calculate the exact amount for your project.

How do you estimate the overall time frame of the UX audit process?

The duration of a UX audit depends on the scale of the resource being audited; the depth of research also matters. On average, this process takes 3-4 weeks or more.

What about the NDA and NC agreement?

We sign legal documents with all our clients: NDA and NC agreements. This allows us to clearly define the rights and obligations of the parties and avoid disagreements during cooperation.