The next our guest will be such kind of the monetization in mobile applications as the subscription. Let’s start the introduction!


This model of monetization has similar characteristics with freemium. Though, the user pays not fir the new abilities and functions, but for the content, that is the main difference. As a rule, such model is used by the service applications, which offer paid subscription for the users and for this reason they ensure periodical payments for themselves. To simplify things, the subscription can be considered as a test drive of an application, the full version of which might be bought by the user later on.


The subscription is able to turn all the paid users into rather loyal and interested audience, which, of course, will use an application during a certain period of time. The same as with freemium, the owner of an application should think over carefully the strategy of transferring the user from free version of his «brainchild» to the paid one.

Importantly, that for such kind of model it crucial to provide users with the content or service, which will meet their expectations and don’t make them regret about spent funds.


1.Service applications (for instance, Netflix)

2.In the applications for the media content (newspapers and magazines. For instance, NY Times)