It is possible enough, that you have already forgotten, how the sms- message looks like in your smartphone. The causers of such state of affairs, undoubtedly, are the messengers.So why not to consider the best of them by analyzing their pros and cons.


Audience: 1 milliard of users

More likely, exactly this application is said to be a pioneer among messengers. Fast installation, automatic synchronization with the contact list, variety of options, and of course, the absence of advertising are referred to it’s merits. Apart from, users have a right to choose between text and voice messages, and to share with video-messages. The ability to perform video-calls is available. The disadvantage of WhatsApp, in its turn, is the exactiness to smartphone’s characteristics.

The amount of downloads exceeds 1 milliard. Still, despite this, it’s being heard less and less. The latest news is the production of WhatsApp PC version.


Audience: 100 million of users

Text and voice messages, video-calls, sending of photo and video – all these contains Viber. It’s not fussy at all and able to work with slow connection, this is its main advantage. Also thanks to automatic synchronization of contacts it is possible to identify those, who use this messenger immediately.. Even more, in case the user from your contact list has installed Viber and registrated, you will receive a notification about it. Also we should state different emoticons, stickers and group chat options.

As to the disadvantages, we can mention advertising messages. Still the developers of Viber are trying to get rid of them.


Audience : 50 millions of users

The Service created by Pavel Durov, is targeted on the audience, for which security and privacy of communication are of a high priority. Exactly for them messenger has a high – tech system of encryption, an option of account self destruction and advanced settings

of security. It stands out by its ability to receive bot notifications, which might be chosen according to your wishes. An important advantage of Telegram is in file transfer, group chats and that it is not picky about the connection.

The only disadvantage might be the absence of voice and video calls.


Audience: 1 milliard of users

This product was created on the basis of already existed chat in the social network, which is noticed in its name. But developers, that is logical, have implemented in it, a lot of up-to-date and crucial options. In order to start using Facebook Messenger, the only thing you need to do is just to log into your Facebook account. And after that you will get the access to voice and text messages, services of video and voice connection, the ability to attach files. Also we should mention such pleasant things as games, smiles and stickers.

You might feel antipathy to this messenger when your Facebook account might be blocked for some reason, and all the communication, as a result, via Facebook Messenger becomes impossible.


Audience: 500 millions of users

Still, this service initially was designed for voice and video calls, today it is used as instant messaging system. Group chats and calls, file and photos exchange, sending messages without internet connection – the biggest advantages of Skype.

Some contacts are to be found manually, notwithstanding the synchronization with “Vkontakte” and Facebook, can be referred to disadvantages. Also, this service is working smoothly on PC and laptops, but on smartphones and tablets it is a lot of points to work on

Anyway, in future it is supposed to be improved.