It so happened that the decision to download the application the user takes is guided by the appearance of the icon in the market. So if you do not take responsibly to the design of the icon, then no one will ever know what a cool mobile application you’ve created.

In order to avoid such situations, we suggest a small guide how to make a good icon for the application:

  1. Listen to the instructions. It is not necessary to obey the demands of stores, but you need to stick to it.
  2. Do not overload with extra parts. Minimalism is your best friend.
  3. Use 1-2 colors.
  4. Never not put a picture on your icon. Even if the customer asks for it.
  5. Avoid texts. Do not forget that the visible area tends to a square centimeter.
  6. Know your audience. The application icon for a company that wants to enter the international market should equally perceive people from different parts of the world and not offend anyone’s feelings.
  7. Check how the icon looks on the background of another color (dark, light, color). In the market icon is displayed on a white or light gray background, but the wallpaper on users’ devices is much more diverse.
  8. Create an interesting shape. The icons below are remembered when using forms on them, the form helps to recognize the icon even if it is very small.
  9. Be responsible for the color. Starting to increase the number of colors, you will find it difficult to stop. So use one or two colors – that would be enough.

  10. Ideally, when the icon represent the essence of your application. With a good icon, the user does not even have to look at the description. For example, for instant messengers like Viber – a message cloud:

    Preliminary study the icons of competitors. If you can be differ from the majority – you will be remembered.