Our story about the startups merged by Google is coming to an end. But, don’t be upset, because 5 articles, worth of attention, are waiting for you.


This company opens the list of 10 robotic startups, which the company bought in 2013. That time Google has already gave up the idea to create a competitive social network. That’s why it decided to create Google X – a department of tech advanced development. In particular, the plan was to pay attention to the following projects:

– a vehicle with auto pilot

– additional and virtual reality

– trained neural network

– robotic

As a result, the corporation hasn’t found the way to use Boston Dynamics developments. And now once-promising company has become unneeded and now is on sale.


In 2014 Google has made a significant purchase. For 3 billion it obtained a company, which was created by developers of iPod. That time Nest Labs was thought to be outstanding, because of 2 “smart” developments. We are talking about thermostat, which learned the owner’s preferences, and adapted the temperature in the house, therefore, performed energy savings, and about smoke detector.

This acquisition has become a first brick in the basis of “smart house” technology. As a result Google paid a lot of attention to it, buying useful startups for its development.


The same year Google paid attention to the trend of machine intelligence. In winter the active of the corporation was fulfilled by DeepMind company, the work of which was based on machine intelligence. According to the media, the sum of compensation was around half a billion dollars. The achievements of DeepMind were used to improve machine learning and neural network.


500 million dollars were needed Google, in order to buy Skybox Imaging in summer 2014. The company specializes in making shots of the Earth surface via satellites. Of course the purchase was motivated with the desire to improve the quality of Google Maps data and other mapping services of the corporation

Now this project is named Terra Bella and, except the obvious task, performed satellite launch, responsible for accessing Internet throughout the world.


A struggle for the leadership on the  data storage market and icloud apps is still relevant. For this reason Google has made a decision to buy a developer of icloud technologies Apigee in autumn 2016.This deal has become the most expensive purchase from the moment of buying previous company-625 million dollars. Analytics predict, that this step is going to allow Google to determine giants in the segment of icloud developments – Microsoft and Amazon companies.