It is hard to deny, that Apple wouldn’t have reached success they have today without making brave decisions. And the purchase of promising startups is not an exception. So that is why we continue to inform you about the projects, which has become a part of Apple company.


In december 2013 the company has bought a search service Topsy Labs, the work of which was concentrated on social media and its analytics.  The price of this purchase is determined by 200 millions dollars. The experts think, that this purchase is based on the desire of cupertino guys to improve the search in iOS and to integrate new options for voice assistant Siri. But, in spite of the paid sum of money and ambitious plans, fruit corporatio has closed Topsy Labs in 2 years.


May, 2014 has brought in the treasury of Apple the company called LuxVue Technology , whose fiefdom was the production of displays, marked with the low energy consumption. The sum of the compensation for this company is kept in a secret , still it is fueled by the fact, that earlier it managed to attract 50 millions of investment. After the purchase its employees became a part of Apple, which specializes on production of  the hardware

related for wearable gadgets.


The same month Apple has made an astounding deal, by having purchased a headphone manufacturing company( which had, also, it’s own musical service) for exorbitant $ 3 billion. What is more, only 400 millions were paid via the shares. The purchase made in record time, was integrated into well-set mechanismof the company from Cupertino. If to believe the statements of CEO Tim Cook, this purchase is dictated not so much with  financial gain, but with the organization of music streaming

His words are proved by the appearance of Apple Music, thanks to it Apple can compete with such “giants” like Spotify.

14. LINX

In its turn, 2015 has become a year of an israeli startup LinX purchase, the specialization of which was in production of cameras for different devices ( smartphones and tablets mainly). The zest of these cameras was that you could change focus and the blur effect could be applied to the background, to take pictures in low light and create 3D photos

The deal was estimated at 20 millions dollars. And its first fruit was  iPhone 7 Plus, which has 2 main camera, and they has been already named as the best cameras in modern smartphone market.


In September 2016 a startup, which was improving of machine learning joined Apple. The sum, paid for indian-american company, probably, will never be announced. For now it is known, that Tuplejump offered its services of improvement of work with big database to many companies. We’ll see, what happens next