Treat your audience with a modern and progressive IT solution for the LG content store.

Lampa experts will implement the full cycle of WebOS app development in a short time.

Build your own successful project on cutting-edge JavaScript technology.

Our WebOS App Development Services

Lampa is a recognized expert in LG smart TV application development. Our specialists have the best expertise in the global TV market and know how to create advanced HTML5-based hosted apps. We deliver entertainment to every home of your client and give them access to the best digital content directly on compatible customer devices with the LG smart TVs operating system.

Smart TV App Development

Launch your own project with the team of LG WebOS development. We build LG products for your brand on the recommendation server, where you can implement user-friendly UI. With LG TV app development company Lampa, you get a modern design with the desired characteristic and features, as well as deploy external modules via API. Maximize the number of LG smart TV users by adapting your software to the requirements of the TV manufacturer. 

With Lampa, you implement your digital product just in time and provide the audience with a top IT solution for viewing channels or content over the Internet. Don’t put the project on hold; delegate it to us and release a top user app to the market.

Set-Top Boxes Apps

With the WebOS TV app development by Lampa, you can implement your own version of software not only for TVs but also for set-top boxes in time. In contrast to the native systems of manufacturers, most handhelds use Android, which opens up many options for creating the architecture and interface of the app. Unleash the potential of your idea with our advanced technology.

Delegate the task of WebOS application development to Lampa industry experts and get the best IT solution with efficient monetization models. Thanks to their publication in popular profile stores, all our apps are easily installed in set-top boxes.

Live Streaming Apps

LG WebOS TV development from Lampa allows you to deploy a project of any complexity on the consumer’s target device. This LG smart TV app displays live content directly from the server. Also, our software gives direct access to stream service, opening up opportunities for sharing multimedia between users. And with our services, you can put your digital product in the store within 24 hours of release. 

Use Lampa’s developer potential to create the best IT solution on the market and deliver it quickly to your target audience. With our developer account, you can quickly add your digital product to your desired app store. 

Smart TV App Migration

We do not only do LG WebOS TV app development but also port existing solutions to other OS, devices, and platforms. With the help of Lampa experts, you won’t have to bother with creating a new version of the software. We will independently research the finished digital product and transform it into the necessary technical stack for your company.

This approach will save your budget, allowing you to implement the right version of the software for the target platform without lengthy development. We will ensure the digital product’s highest possible quality and performance by using native technologies and frameworks.

Smart TV App Testing

As part of LG WebOS app development, we provide you with our testing team to identify code bugs or user bugs at the early stages of the project. With our services, you won’t have to be ashamed in front of your target audience for poor optimization or feature bugs. We perform a quality QA process using the best testing techniques and practices.

Save your company funds with a comprehensive approach to development by Lampa experts. With us, you will forget about all the technical problems of your digital product. In addition, by focusing on user scenarios, we can eliminate artifacts from non-standard methods of interacting with software.

Smart TV App Maintenance

In addition to LG TV WebOS development, Lampa experts can offer full support and upgrades for any third-party software. We will fully investigate the technical stack, architecture, logic, and code of the app to take a set of measures to scale or upgrade it. Similar to migration, we’ll perform a full audit and technology transport to target platforms.

Need comprehensive maintenance of existing software? Delegate this task to Lampa’s Smart TV app development industry experts. We’ll take apart your app down to the last line of code, fix all the bugs and optimize the digital product, implementing it just in time.

Our Benefits As LG (Web OS) Development Company

Lampa is a recognized leader in the industry of Smart TV Apps development. In 6 years of work, we have implemented more than 100 projects of different complexity. Our portfolio contains the top examples of works that provided customers with an influx of customers and increased the efficiency of their business several times over. Using the most modern and trendy technologies in our projects, we achieve that competitive level, which provides leading positions on the market to our partners.

Dedicated Team

Do you have a great idea but do not have the skills or expertise to implement it digitally? Delegate this task to the professionals at Lampa. We will provide you with a team of the best professionals at the Middle level and above with extensive industry experience. With our services, you will have developers, designers, engineers, and QA experts at your disposal, capable of closing your project just in time.

Take advantage of working with the flagships of the Smart TV market – realize ambitious ideas with Lampa!

Great experience

More than 6 years of experience and 99% success rate of projects. Such indicators are the best testimony to the skills of Lampa’s experts. We strive to provide the highest quality IT solutions quickly so you can debut on the digital market before competitors. Our expertise is the honed skills and mastery of trending technologies that will help you break into the top of your business niche.

Use our experience and skills to create the best Smart TV app on the market!

Trusted by brands

Since we do not only work in the Smart TV industry, our potential audience is much larger than the owners of startups related to IP TV and various services. We create digital products like chatbots, websites, web apps, streaming systems, and SaaS solutions. Currently, we have a total audience of our apps of more than 12 million. Our most famous clients are LetyShops, 1+1, and UNIAN.

Want to become one of the leaders in your industry and boost your brand recognition? Delegate your project to us!

Our Cases

Want to see what our team of experts can do? Check out Lampa’s previous projects and appreciate the style, design, and technical stack of digital products in our portfolio. Use our previous experience to create an innovative IT solution for your brand!

Industry Solutions We Worked On

We are open to more than the usual Smart TV industry products. Lampa experts improve their experience, sharpening their skills in developing flagship digital solutions for all popular business sectors: Streaming/OTT, Startup, Lifestyle, Fitness, and Social Network.

Technologies We Use

We do not limit ourselves to improving a single technical stack compared to other developers. Lampa experts study all popular and in-demand technologies on the market, trying to reach the top level of code writing skills or working with frameworks. This allows us to work in almost all modern spheres, creating digital masterpieces for our clients.

Our LG TV Apps Development Process

We are proficient in Agile, Scrum, DevOps, and TestDevOps methodologies. This allows Lampa experts to digitally implement projects of any complexity in the shortest possible time. We are not afraid of revisions, adjustments, or even restarts of the project, because we fully adapt to our customers, weaving the work process into the specifics of their business.


Developing IT solutions for Smart TV, especially for LG WebOS, is a very complex process requiring the utmost dedication and industry experience. Knowing our clients’ interest in the details of our work, we have prepared a short list of answers to typical questions. If you’re interested in detailed information about the technical stack or organization of the process – ask our manager the relevant question. 

How much does it cost to develop an LG Smart TV app?

This is very subjective and is calculated individually for each project. An MVP’s average development cost ranges from $10,000 to $60,000. The price includes the project’s complexity, the timing of the release, and the size of the team. 

What are the benefits of a developed LG Smart TV app?

By placing a digital product in the LG content store, the coverage of the target audience increases. In the app itself, it is possible to implement a monetization system of advertising or licensed content, which will generate a stable passive income. 

Why should I choose our company as my LG Smart TV App Developer?

We are the industry leaders in developing digital products for Smart TV. In 6 years of working in the niche, Lampa experts have implemented more than 100 projects with a 99% success rate, attracting more than 12 million customers in apps to our partners. 

How long has the LG Smart TV app been in development?

On average, developing such a digital product takes 3 to 12 months, depending on its complexity and technical stack. The period can be shortened if you need only an MVP with subsequent functionality expansion.

Can the solution for LG Smart TV be installed on other devices?

A small number of OEM devices support WebOS itself. It is better to release a cross-platform solution for all popular operating systems, including iOS and Android. This way, you will increase your target audience and, consequently, your revenues. 

Can I count on long-term support for a digital product?

Our development package includes all support services: 24/7 technical assistance, timely upgrades, and maintenance of the digital product. We also provide software scaling service with subsequent platform upgrades.