We develop apps for Android TVs designed to exceed your company goals. Our team will bring your application idea to life through premium UX/UI design and tool integration. Partner with us to establish yourself in the smart TV marketplace.

Our Services for Android Smart TV App Development

  • Smart TV App Development

We can develop a custom smart TV app with your desired features and tools. Our projects go through an effective five-stage process tackling all components of successful app deployment. Discover more about our process below.

  • Set-Top Boxes Apps

Set-Top box apps enhance the TV broadcasting experience by adding helpful conveniences for the high proportion of users owning traditional TVs. We can get a seamless STB app functioning for your users to enjoy without needing to switch to smart TVs.

  • Live Streaming Apps

Live streaming apps allow users to stream video content in real time, encouraging interactive media. Get audiences hooked to their screen with a platform featuring live content from the topics they value most. Our apps will work exceptionally well under the toughest of circumstances.

  • Smart TV App Migration

Do your services need to be updated with recent consumer trends? Ease into the transition of TV channels to TV apps with a quality app agency like ours. We can also provide you with new versions of your existing apps.

  • Smart TV App Testing

Our development process is founded on the principles of testing. We can conduct a thorough analysis of your application, regardless of its completion status. Get your software tested and prevent any snags from getting in the way.

  • Smart TV App Maintenance

We understand the responsibility towards software doesn’t stop at the product release. Support and maintenance are the last crucial component in our app development and include comprehensive measures to optimise app service. You can count on us to support your existing app.

Our Benefits as an Android Smart TV Development Company

  • Dedicated Team

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best results as soon as possible. We never compromise on quality, and we go through each decision and implementation with the utmost consideration for your company goals. If you disagree with any decision, we will work hard and fast until you’re satisfied.

  • Great experience

We’re not just a few software engineers typing away code; we’re business leaders who excel at innovation; we’re artists skilled at designing the perfect user experience; we’re QA engineers capable of identifying the slightest of errors; we’re skilled service representatives who leave customers smiling. We have a diverse set of talents that get the job done well.

  • Trusted by brands

Brands who have come to us with their application ideas have been pleasantly surprised with the outcome. We keep ourselves accountable with strict deadlines and aim to reflect that in our communication and performance. Let’s build a positive experience for both parties.

Our Cases

We have built solid applications for several clients during our years of extensive experience. See the wide variety of case studies listed below for yourself.

Industry Solutions We Have Worked On

We have experience filling market gaps with state-of-the-art applications for industries of varying sizes and needs. We promise to align our strategies with whatever your aspirations may be. Below are just some of the company goals we have helped with before.


Leverage the smart TV platform for business outreach and track organic revenue growth through intelligence and analytics tools.


Enable users to stream audio and/or visual content on the big screen from high-quality content distribution channels.


Create a digital interface incorporating sensing technology, smart surveillance, or RFID tags to better pet ownership and health.


Grow the user base of your startup company with a strong marketing technology stack combining CRM systems, chatbots, and more.


Bring automated forms of financial services using cutting-edge biometrics, data encryption, or AI and have them tested on an MVP.


Create TV app versions of existing lifestyle apps for mobile devices or develop new solutions for your company.


Get a gamification-based app that interacts with users participating in fitness plans from the convenience of a living room.

Social Network

Reinvent the experience of social networking with database connectivity, notifications, and machine learning, among other things.

Cashback Service

Build revenue by boosting e-commerce or other sales made on smart TV apps and incentivising repeat customers.


Optimise the smart TV experience by deploying your desired tools, catering to any audience and purpose, into the market.


Obtain an app offering healthcare products and services using e-commerce functionality and voice/text-based communication.


Get a functional e-commerce app running with secure cookies, EDI, inventory management systems, and more.


Publish a digital tourism service with the right tools and features you need to grow visibility and retain audience attention.


Beat your competition by adding another dimension of marketplaces for your SaaS product.

Technologies We Use

The customisable tech stack we offer is enabled by a variety of modern technologies in our toolkit. See the leading technologies driving our development today.

Our Process for Android TV App Development


We perform market research in accordance with your business goals to make you stand out amongst competitors. Using strategies developed explicitly for your niche, we adopt features that effectively target the audience’s behaviours and solve their needs. We select the technology stack, TV platform, tools, and features with the utmost consideration for you.

UI/UX Design

Android TV application development involves more than just building the software. With the extensive range of applications becoming available for smart TVs, you need an app design that makes the user experience fulfilling. We ensure the UX/UI design for entertainment and related platforms speaks volumes to the audiences.


Wherever needed, we extend functionality through custom integrations of third-party software. Enjoy advanced tools that increase application performance and drive business goals to success. We use tools that increase efficiency rather than dragging it down. Our integrations have been proven to expand viewership, user engagement, and screen time, all factors that lead to a high and sustainable ROI.


Our developers know the importance of test-driven development. We test all features on real devices, removing bugs at the earliest. We guarantee quality assurance by going through all essential types of software testing. Our error detection mechanisms are prompt and do not affect the user experience. We leave zero security holes for hackers, enabling customers to have total privacy and security.

Support & Maintenance

We support you well after the TV app development. Constant maintenance keeps your application software compatible and up-to-date with market changes. Our maintenance process includes, but is not limited to, debugging, versioning, software analyses, security assessments, and performance upgrades. On-demand technical assistance ensures service runs smoothly during peak hours of watching traffic.


While it can be overwhelming to set foot in the smart TV market, we are here to guide you every step of the way. You have questions; we have the answers. Get assistance by contacting us today.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Android Smart TV App?

The cost of an android TV application is influenced by its various features, such as:

  • The technology stack and base software
  • The design language and system
  • The dimensionality and density of the UI/UX design
  • The scope of integrated functionality
  • The nature of the software testing life cycle

We can provide an accurate quote after a personal consultation with your business.

What Are the Benefits of an Android Smart TV app?

In line with today’s services of OTT messaging and OTT voice calling, consumers are actively seeking OTT television applications instead of traditional broadcasting. The Smart TV marketplace allows users to download apps with digital content catering to their needs. Users can enjoy content recommendations based on intelligent algorithms, on-demand media players, remote control compatibility, simultaneous streaming on multiple devices, and more.

Already nearing 300 million unit sales, the smart TV market demand is rapidly growing and expected to reach 1.18 billion units by 2028.

Why Should I Choose Your Company as My Android Smart TV App Developer?

We are an experienced agency with an excellent track record in technology development for many television platforms. We take a robust approach to develop apps for android TVs by emphasising the long-term business, design, and user experience aspects. Our clients record zero complaints and high customer retention.