When you have decided to create a mobile application, the first thing you should think about is in what way it should bring income. That’s why we will discover this question and inform in what ways you can achieve your goals.


  1. To make a decision about the most suitable monetization type, taking into the consideration targeted audience and the application characteristics.
  2. To think out the monetization model beforehand. The right time for it is the design stage.
  3. Insert this model smoothly into the application.
  4. To analyze and to «keep an eye» on the application in order to adjus it properly.

Also it is rather reasonable to familiarize with the cutting-edge mobile applications in the market. The further their understanding is, the higher is a chance to gain success. And now we can go on with the monetization models.


Before setting a specific price it is important to choose a reason for the user to buy it. These might be useful functions, high quality or unique content. It is crucial to understand that the application should include something, that will make the potential customer to buy precisely this item, leaving aside free of charge analogues. As nowadays in the «stores» there are numerous applications, that you can you can download free of charge and delete easily.

Moreover as a rule thumb states that the user doesn’t tend to waste some money on the application, which doesn’t benefit and is literally useless.

Let’s look through the Gartner company research. Due to their specialist’s projection, in 2017 94% of installs will be related to free applications only. The same time, due to AppAnnie data, the profitability of the paid applications is getting lower every year. Obviously, only the limited group of paid applications can beprofitable.

The most important aspect of the paid applications is the fast income. Of course only in case the customers buy it and it is popular among them. Among other things, it is impossible to ignore the fact that customers are more critical to the paid applications, than to free ones. It’s not a surprise, because when a customer is buying a completed product, he expects that it is well designed and easy in use.


1.Games, which have big names (mobile versions for console or desktop games like Minecraft).

  1. Games which are revolutionary in their design, they have both high quality content and picture (for instance The Room or Clash of Kings).
  2. Business-to-business applications. Especially niche, which are able to assure functionality and useful service for the users (for instance iA Writer or Offline Russian Translator).

(in the next articles we will enlighten another ways of monetization)