Let's highlight the general stages of creating an application for TVs from the client's point of view:
  • The conceptual part and expertise. At first, you express all their wishes, on basis of which the terms of reference.
  • Planning. Specialists perform analysis and estimate the complexity of the work, after which you will be notified of the cost.
  • Analytics. We analyze competitors’ applications, isolate their advantages and disadvantages (to emphasize the former and avoid the latter in our work).
  • Prototyping. This is where the experts come to carry out prototyping process (designing) – build the interface.
  • Design work. In accordance with the user’s wishes and preferences CA creates design individual screens and components. All graphics solutions have an original, pleasing visually clear.
  • Demonstration and maintenance. We demonstrate the results to the client, and then are making final adjustments if necessary. If you wish, we can also do product promotion in the market.

Why choose us

Avoiding excessive modesty, out of place in the current market realities, to focus attention on the advantages of our company:

  • Workmanship. We provide a high level of performance at all levels – in the graphical ratio (image is quality, regardless of screen resolution), in terms of ease of use and an intuitive functional clarity (do not need to spend time learning), adaptability (application consistently “adjusted to” a particular device ).
  • Price policy. The cost of creating an application correlates with the complexity and volume of a particular order: everything here depends on the individual situation. However, we note that our common price policy is characterized by democratic: we are guided by a broad audience.
  • Any complexity. Possible to implement the order of any complexity: our company employs competent professionals using advanced tools.

We will be glad to cooperate!