The basic stages of development of iOS-to-business applications in the general form:
  • Technical task. A clear TOR is drawn up based on a user application. You only need to explain in detail the problem, which will stand in front of the experts of our company.
  • Analytics. Before you start, we carefully analyze the existing applications with the convenience point of view, functional, design execution, compliance, and user preferences (as well as ranking in search engines). Highlighting strengths and weaknesses, then we focus first and avoid the latter.
  • Prototyping. In fact, this step applies to the design: prototyping involves the development of the basic elements of the interface for the task (all the elements need to be comfortable, simple and useful).
  • Design. An individual design is developed (in accordance with your corporate style and the actual aesthetic preferences of the target audience) – bright and practical at the same time. Also, the customer can provide a ready-made design
  • Development. This is where the specialists come in, who implement the application at the software level. If necessary, the customer can track the results and make your adjustments.
  • Testing. The finished application is repeatedly tested to ensure that there are no problems. Before it hits the market, we must have absolute confidence in the absence of failures on a variety of devices.
  • Publication. We take into account the existing requirements of App Store for new apps for iOS: program will be held for moderation stage. At the same time, the application is sent to the customer.
  • Support. Subsequently, if necessary, we will provide technical support to implement the program (we correct minor defects, correct functioning on different devices – iPhone, iPad, etc.).

If you want to order services for the development of applications for mobile phones and tablets based on iOS, make a request online or contact us at the number indicated. We will be glad to cooperate!