Conventionally, the work on the design can be divided into two groups:
  • UX-design. At this stage, a model of application operation in different situations is developed. For example, passing the user registration and authorization, the appearance of the main page and the personal account, the method of ordering and payment method. The logic is thought out in advance, resulting in a prototype – the scheme of future applications. Such designing is especially important in the implementation of unusual projects (for example, start-ups).
  • UI design. This includes everything related to the appearance of the future phone application (this is the stage that is usually intuitively understood as design development): fonts, colors, rendering of various interface elements (buttons, icons, notifications, etc.). If you already have a formed corporate style, specialists are guided by it; if not – it is designed from the ground up, taking into account the latest trends in your niche and target audience preferences.

Why design matters

We will understand why you should order a design to order from us:

  • Ease of use. We work not only with the visual impression, but also with the ergonomics and readability. All the elements are arranged to interact in prominent places, and important information is properly allocated. The load on perception is reduced, customers’ time is saved, and the path to the product or the area of interest becomes as short and simple as possible.
  • Target audience. It is important that the application design is fully consistent with the aesthetic preferences of the target audience to which you are targeting. That is why our specialists invariably take into account the psychology of users, study the already existing options (highlighting their advantages and disadvantages).
  • The general impression. A pleasant range is selected, corresponding to your niche. It is no secret that in the 21st century, the defining impression is visual: it is eye-catching style can provide a stable flow of users.

If you want to order a design of an application for a smartphone in Ukraine – we will be glad to cooperate!