• Contacts. Naturally, one of the key objectives – the creation of a database, which will include all existing customers and headings; there will be information left over from already closed projects. If necessary, you can always find the right data. For example, to track the status of contact.
  • Promotion. The system provides the segmentation of leads and customers according to various criteria, which is why you can make more effective marketing strategies (advertising – a point), as well as analyze the results.
  • Optimization. By automating many processes to reduce the burden on employees. For example, CRM will remind you when you need to call, send an order or e-mail (if a potential buyer for a long time was not active).
  • Analysis. Due to CRM analytics can be done by identifying the productivity of a particular method of promotion. You can get information regarding the fixed customer, talk time (along with himself accounts) statements. It will clarify the effectiveness of your employees.
  • Integration. If necessary features CRM integration with social networks and messengers, as well as various work programs and applications. For example, all received on a particular page in Facebook messages are automatically sent to the system.

CRM systems development

Why choose us

Among the advantages of our studio, which develops CRM systems for business in Ukraine:

  • Pricing. Prices for services is relatively low: we are guided by a broad audience.
  • Tools and competence. The company employs competent specialists who use modern technologies to develop CRM.
  • Speed. Creating a CRM-system takes place in the shortest possible time.

To order the CRM development, please contact us via telephone or leave your request on the site. We will be glad to cooperate!