From the point of view of a specialist can identify common algorithm Back-end development, is divided into three sets of works:
  • Server part. By designing this module include an application architecture, the alignment of the internal logic, the implementation of system components prescribing algorithms functional development. In fact, this is a key step in which the forces involved several experts of different profiles.
  • Database. For the system to work, it is necessary to allocate a “storage space” for information, where various user data will be located. Through the implementation of inquiries in relation to the base is possible to obtain information about the performance statistics of the application.
  • Interaction interfaces (API). It is necessary to provide the ability to transfer data by “connecting” the server side, client side, databases and third-party applications.


Why choose us?

Among the advantages of our company, offering services for Backend-development:

  • Cost. The price for Backend development is determined in an individual format and depends on the complexity of a specific task. However, the general pricing policy of our company can be called democratic: we focus on a wide audience. Therefore, the services are relatively inexpensive.
  • Range. We are ready to implement any project – from a small landing page to a complex application for modern smartphones. The task is invariably implemented with precision and taking into account all the wishes of the client.
  • Professionalism and tools. There are no universal development tools: the specialists are always based on a specific project and pick up suitable for the implementation of its programming languages, CMS, database. Our employees have many years of experience and promptly respond to the latest trends and innovations in their field, possess a large number of tools. Among the major programming languages: Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Python and others.

If you are interested in services to create websites and applications, make a request or contact us via telephone. We will be glad to cooperate!