Extend the reach of your target audience with our Roku app development service.

We offer you our support in achieving the best performance with applications to solidify positions in the market. Use our expertise to release an amazing Roku applet in a short time.

Our Roku Apps Development Services

Lampa is the flagship company among Roku TV app development studios. We offer our customers only the best, such as high-quality multi-platform OTT with optimal streaming and video and usability smart TV set-top boxes. We create innovative digital products with full integration in connected TV, an easy, robust, and highly scalable installer, and the launch of the Roku platform.

The devices and types of Roku are designed to be installed in TVs, run live streaming, and play media content with extensive monetization capabilities. With Lampa’s Roku solutions, you can focus on business goals while implementing the content certification process.

Smart TV App Development

Using the Roku SDK, Eclipse IDE, and bright script coding, we can build a robust service for video streaming, VoD, or just online video and publish it to the Roku channel store. Roku TV development at Lampa is an affordable way to release your digital viewership product without extra costs while taking care of the comfort of each viewer who uses Roku.

Implement robust Roku apps with top Roku channel developers at Lampa. Take advantage of the skills and experience of each of our developers to solve your current digital business challenges. Build the best IT product on the market!

Set-Top Boxes Apps

Roku devices offer a wide range of possibilities for implementing modern custom Roku apps thanks to the scalable SDK, scripts, and robust and velocity channel development, as well as the technology stack. With Roku application development for Set-Top boxes from Lampa, you get an innovative technical solution of your idea in a short time. 

We offer our skills and years of experience to help you in the process of Roku development apps for your target audience. Give your consumers favorite content across a convenient and visually beautiful IT solution for stream content.

Live Streaming Apps

In addition to the typical development applications for Roku, we create streaming digital products and even platforms. These IT solutions allow you, as a business owner, to monetize content, apps, and services. You can charge a commission for posting, broadcasting, or embedding ads in videos or interfaces. You can also sell content directly if you own the license to show it.

Take advantage of Lampa’s Roku TV apps development services for ambitious ideas and content monetization. Our experience and skills allow us to create the best streaming platform on the market for you, providing a quality interface, high performance, and beautiful design.

Smart TV App Migration

Do you already have a complete digital product for Smart TV that needs to be ported to another platform? With our application development on Roku service, you won’t notice how quickly a native version of your software will be implemented on the target OS. We use cutting-edge technologies, libraries, and frameworks to deploy legacy code to new platforms at lightning speed.

Entrust your Roku channel development project to Lampa and forget about problems with porting software to other operating systems. We will implement the software version you need in time, add it to the catalog of apps and successfully pass moderation.

Smart TV App Testing

We do not only Roku channel app development but also software testing. We provide our own projects with maximum QA components, fixing up to 90% of problems in a digital product. With our experienced team, you will never know what error compilation looks like, as we use advanced testing tools to easily debug code of any complexity.

Use a comprehensive service of Roku development applications with parallel software testing to identify and fix bugs promptly. We at Lampa value quality, which means we strive to implement a 100% bug-free digital product.

Smart TV App Maintenance

In addition to Roku channel development services, we help research and upgrade third-party software. If you see an app running poorly, failing to cope with the load, or generating errors, it’s time to start optimizing it. The Lampa team will take apart your IT solution byte by byte, examine the code, and make necessary edits to improve the digital product’s performance.

Delegate the task of supporting your app to industry professionals. Lampa experts have the necessary experience and skills to work with projects of any complexity and apply them effectively in practice.

Our Benefits As a Roku TV App Development Company

Lampa is a flagship player in the market of Roku development application services. In 6 years in the industry, we have released over 100 projects with a 99% success rate. Collectively our digital products have provided our clients with an influx of 12 million users in the first months after the placement of apps in the core stores. All of this was made possible by our comprehensive approach to software creation, which includes: planning, design, development, testing, and support.

Dedicated Team

Do you need experts to bring your idea to digital life? Lampa will provide you with a Full Stack development team. Our staff includes specialists in Middle, Senior, as well as prospective Junior and serious Engineers with Team Leads and Project Managers. That’s why we will help you gather a team of developers to fit your budget and project needs.

Don’t delay the start of your project. Order digital product development from Lampa!

Great experience

More than 100 projects with a 99% success rate in 6 years. Isn’t that the best indicator of the Lampa team’s expertise? Our team consists of specialists of all profiles, which allows us to cover up to 100% of development tasks. We create digital masterpieces not only for Smart TV on all platforms but also for other popular areas and operating systems: chatbots, websites, web apps, streaming systems, and SaaS solutions.

Turn your ambitions into digital products with the help of Lampa experts!

Trusted by brands

In 6 years on the market, we have released about 100 digital products for consumers worldwide. The total audience of apps amounts to 12 million users, who are registered in IT solutions created on the orders of our clients. Our partners even include leaders in their segments, and market flagships, such as LetyShops, Axor, 4Seasons, 1+1, UNIAN, UNN, Chop-Chop, and Firm.

Do you want to increase your brand awareness? Request a project from our manager!

Our Cases

We can create an innovative digital product for you with a modern interface, striking design, and advanced features. Some of our customers already have such powerful tools at their disposal. Want to see them with your own eyes? Check out our portfolio!

Industry Solutions We Worked On

Our expertise does not allow us to get hung up on just one direction of digital products for business. We are developing very fast and have already fully mastered the development of modern and reliable digital solutions for such industries as Streaming/OTT, Startup, Lifestyle, Fitness, and Social Network.

Technologies We Use

We do not understand those who strive to achieve perfection in only one direction. That is why our developers are constantly improving their skills and learning fundamentally different programming languages, frameworks, databases, tools, QA complexes, methodologies, and other elements of the IT industry. All this allows us to qualitatively complete projects of any complexity quickly and provide our clients with top-notch digital products.

Our Roku TV Apps Development Process

Lampa is an innovation leader in the market of digital product development for business. That’s why we are ideally versed in methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, DevOps, and TestDevOps, which allows us to solve any tasks quickly and without much trouble in a short time. This improves not only the speed of work but also the adaptability of the process, which allows us to adjust to the client in any situation, regardless of the progress and stage of the project.


We know that you are interested in many questions about the Roku app development process. We have prepared short answers to the most popular ones. Our manager will give you more information upon your personal request.

How much does it cost to develop a Roku Smart TV app?

There is no exact average project cost because its scale and complexity are individual. It is thought that the median price of an MVP ranges from $15,000-$20,000 but often goes beyond that, reaching impressive sums.

What are the benefits of a developed Roku TV app?

Roku apps are perfectly monetizable through several models at once. You can implement paid subscriptions, content access sales, premiums, advertising banners, connection billing, and many other types of income generation.

Why should I choose our company as my Roku TV App Developer?

In 6 years of work in the Smart TV niche, we have implemented over 100 projects with almost 100% ratings. In the first months after release, they attracted more than 12 million users to brands that ordered apps from us for target platforms and devices.

How long has the Roku Smart TV app been in development?

You can expect up to 3 months if you need only the MVP version of the app. A full release will take up to 12 months, but it will have better optimization, performance, and bug-free code.

Can the solution for Roku Smart TV be installed on other devices?

Only on devices with the same OS. If you need the same app but for another platform – we can help you with software migration between OSes. Without significant costs, you will be able to transfer functionality to other TVs.

Can I count on long-term support for a digital product?

Everything that we create gets lifelong support and loyalty. If necessary, we even provide an extended service package that includes periodic verification of the digital product by a dedicated expert.