Provide your solution with a quality development lifecycle with the management team’s innovative approach to product roadmap management. Lampa will implement the best methodology, model product management process, reduce the risk of failure, increase ROI and business value.

Lampa’s IT Product Management Services

The team provides a full range of services to develop and manage the process and deliver a product to a user. Lampa experts strive to maximize the implementation of market trends and provide feature development and competitive analysis. Due to the comprehensiveness and capability of the Agile product, team members reach the objectives before the MVP release and then optimize the continuous delivery of the final product for an enterprise, stakeholder, and client.  

Market research and confirmation of demand

Product management as a service is a holistic approach to solving actual development tasks, including consulting. Our experts carry out comprehensive processes to identify the market, analyze business objectives, and determine the value of the software. Through this, we complete a study of the industry and the required functionality among the target audience and ensure an effective digital product.

Customer development. Validation of problem/pain points

Our experts at every step of deployment strive to align data-driven customer needs across the entire product lifecycle. This results in improvements that help bypass competitive solutions. Each of our developers focuses on deliverable product vision in the strategic development start-up. We try to narrow the timeline, accelerating the deployment of critical features throughout the product lifecycle.

Plan for product development as well as your start-up launch

To launch a start-up, you need to determine the value of product development, prioritize features for release, and develop a marketing strategy. Software product management from Lampa is a set of activities for consulting, analysis, development, QA, and scaling for the full-time lifecycle of IT solutions. With our project management services, you will level out the risks of executing a start-up and increase the audience’s loyalty.

Service prototype, product prototype, as well as minimum viable product (MVP) development

Product management company Lampa provides services for digital product prototyping. This allows you to collect the key metrics, determine the intersection points of the IT solution, evaluate the product performance and decide on the further strategy of the project development. With our product management team, you can test your idea in practice and reduce the risk of losing your investment. 

Launch of the product available for sale

Our digital product management services allow your business to focus on current challenges followed by an immediate transition to a new IT solution. We develop software taking into account the key specifications of the client’s niche, implement marketing metrics and SEO, and fill the resource with content. Thus you instantly get access to a sales tool without additional optimizations.

Product validation. Analyzing and collecting customer feedback.

Owner is responsible for customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. This is the reason why you need to focus your efforts on maximizing UX quality. With the help of a product manager from Lampa, the process of optimizing a digital resource becomes much easier than if it were done by other contractors. We take the insight key elements of the interface and make them comfortable for the target audience.  

Modification and improvement of products that are already in use and managing the administration

With our product management consulting services, you get a fully ready-to-use IT resource that is easily upgradable and scalable. We focus on implementing the most comfortable technical stack, which is easier and faster to expand with new functionality. You will be able to make some of the changes yourself directly from the control panel in the CRM.

Our cases

Would you like to know exactly how we provide our services? See examples of successfully completed projects in the thematic section. You’ll find all the technologies used, metrics for the digital product’s success, and our KPIs.

Why Product Management Is Important?

Software product management services help to properly prioritize development and ensure its complexity. For example:

  • establish communication between all units;
  • organize automation of task distribution;
  • choose the optimal technical stack;
  • get the most useful information by analyzing the industry;
  • establish a time frame for the execution of work;
  • synchronize the processes of development and QA;
  • prove the value of an idea and its relevance in the market with a prototype;
  • set goals for scaling;
  • prioritize the MVP version;
  • focus efforts on improving the quality of the UX.

Thanks to all the development components combined under the management of one or more subject matter experts, maximum efficiency and productivity are achieved. With the help of Lampa experts, you will promptly present the digital product to the TA, gain a competitive advantage, and debut in your chosen niche.

Solutions for Industries We Have Expertise In

For 6 years on the market, our experts have studied the peculiarities of all popular industries. That’s why Lampa experts perform on-demand projects for various business niches. If your industry is not listed here, then feel free to contact our manager and specify the team’s expertise.








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We Work With Any Combination of Services

The experts at Lampa value a holistic approach to problem-solving and provide comprehensive services themselves. By combining different techniques and development models, we strive to provide the best service on the market. Thanks to this, you get a complete package of assistance in creating, supporting, testing, and releasing a digital product for the business.

Web Development

We create websites, apps, marketplaces, and other digital resources to run through a browser. The advantages of such solutions are full cross-platform, reduced hardware requirements for devices, improved performance, and adaptability to different sizes and types of screens. 

Mobile App Development

To create mobile apps, we use proven, reliable technologies: cross-platform frameworks, advanced tools, and Agile, DevOps, and TestDevOps methodologies. Because of this, digital products work equally well on iOS and Android, as well as their forks, such as OneUI, HarmonyOS, Oxygen, MIUI, and ColorOS.

UI/UX Design

Through the app design, its interface, and the graphical engine, the overall performance of the work and UX is ensured. At Lampa, we strive to create intuitive control logic, screen architecture, and visual optimization, redirecting some operations to the cloud resources. Thus we achieve a consensus between the load on the hardware and the smoothness of the animated elements of the software.

Smart TV Development

The OTT/Streaming industry is actively developing; new devices are being released, operating systems and hardware elements are being upgraded. This niche still has enough room for innovative ideas and relevant digital resources. We have been working with the industry for more than 6 years, having realized more than 100 projects during that period. Would you like to get an audience of millions for your brand? Delegate the development of a unique IT solution to us.

Our Benefits as a Product Management Company

For 6 years of active work in the IT industry, we have implemented more than 100 projects with a total audience of 12 million users. About 99% of our clients have switched to a permanent model of cooperation with Lampa and delegate the tasks of modernization and support of digital products to the company.

Dedicated team

The company assigns niche specialists to each project. They stay with the client throughout the entire lifecycle of the digital product, upgrading and optimizing it as requested.

Agile development

We combine different approaches to solving problems, focusing our efforts on the flexibility of the development process and its comprehensiveness. Thus we provide consulting, analytics, design, code creation, and QA services.

Software development expertise

We develop reliable and stable digital products using advanced technologies and frameworks. We also provide them with cross-platform design, features, performance, and adaptability.

Design thinking

We prefer to create an interface with a high-quality UX, user-friendly logic, and modern visual style and then write the code, implementing the technical side of the software. 

Using only flexible, understandable, and transparent methodologies

With our approach to operation and preferred technical stack, your digital products will always be predictable. Their performance, quality, and design are created to the highest industry standards.

Easily measurable and understandable KPIs

Our productivity and performance are available to clients 24/7. With tight integration into CI/CD tools, we show the progress of your project online.

Product Management Methodology We Use

In addition to the product management model Scrum, we resort to Kanba, Agile, and Kanban+Scrum bundle. This allows us to manage all the processes of developing an IT solution more efficiently.


We work in maximum productivity mode, analyzing and adjusting actual tasks on the fly.


We structure tasks and break them down into small steps, implementing them and shifting priorities to important goals.

Scrum + Kanban

We combine the best practices of both techniques, obtaining a symbiosis of productivity and efficiency.


We adjust to client mode, shifting the focus to critical MVP functionality and deadlines.

Product Management Tools

We use advanced tools to solve actual problems. We cover 100% of the development process and ensure maximum quality of QA.

  • Swagger
  • Figma
  • Slack
  • Google drive
  • Trello
  • Zoom
  • Zeplin
  • Jira
  • Asana
  • Forecast
  • Postman
  • Confluence
  • Balsamiq
  • Miro
  • Monday
  • Notion
  • Microsoft teams
  • Firebase analytics
  • Amplitude
  • Intercom
  • UXcam

Product Management Process

We solve the set tasks one by one. We use an integrated approach to work: first analytics, then consulting, technical stack selection, development, testing, release, and support.

Requirement Analysis

Research Consulting

Specification Creation

Project Development


We understand what you are interested in, so we have prepared a short list of answers to common questions. Here you will find the most important information. If this is not enough, please ask Lampa manager for details and nuances. 

What does the cost of Product Management depend on?

A combination of factors: project size, number of functions, methodology, the composition of the development team, the specifics of the digital product, and the selected services. The total cost is calculated individually for each task.

What is the difference between Product Management and Project Management?

In Product Management, experts work on creating and supporting the IT solution, its optimization, and testing. In Project Management, experts work on risk assessment, analytics, and workflow organization.

What is the role of a software Product Manager?

Technical responsibilities: evaluating technical stack, adjusting tasks, checking code, functionality, and compliance with specifications. Organizational responsibilities: team building, productivity evaluation, priority management.

What is Agile Product Management?

The emphasis of development can shift in the process, highlighting other priorities. The flexibility of management lies in the ability to quickly change the goals and objectives of the project, control their implementation and solve emerging problems.