Need help with efficient software or app development? Depending on your needs and wishes, Lampa studio will provide you with experienced talents or a dedicated software development team to get you a reliable digital product. 

Our Outsourced Development Services

Lampa Studio has been in the IT development market for over 8 years and has already released about 120 successful products. Take advantage of our outsourced development service to save time and budget to release reliable software. We also provide augmentation services to your internal team in cases where you need highly specialized experts.

Custom Software Development Services

Lampa development team has 45 specialists, each of whom has a high level of professionalism in their field. You can outsource a project of any complexity and be sure that the result will meet all your expectations. We undertake custom software development in more than 14 different areas of business.

Web App Development Outsourcing

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of web application development. This allows us to deliver successful products with user-friendly design, broad functionality, high performance, and scalability. Our solutions also ensure the security of your users. 

Mobile App Development Outsourcing

We provide a full development cycle of mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as cross-platform products. You can use the services of a whole team of outsourcing developers or hire a missing expert in your staff who has unique skills and will help close the gap in application development.

Smart TV App Development Services

Our outsourcing team specializes in creating apps for the Smart TV industry. We will select the best tech stack depending on which operating system you need to develop a digital product for. Then we’ll identify the experts with the right skills and work with you to create the perfect app. 

Software Quality Assurance Services

We provide service software testing so that your apps and web solutions always work correctly. Early bug fixes are much faster and cheaper, so our QA experts ensure you get quality software through continuous testing at every stage of development.

UI and UX Design Services

Our design services include the development of branded apps with intuitive navigation. You also get accessible architecture and tested user stories that ensure your customers have a positive experience with the product. All of this helps to market the app and increase your brand awareness.

Management Services

The studio’s outsourcing development services include drawing up a development plan, researching the target audience, and organizing software development. Project management, which you delegate to our employees, will free up more time for you to solve other important business processes.

Outsourcing Models Lampa Offers

Development outsourcing company Lampa offers several cooperation models to choose from. Check them out to see which form of cooperation will be ideal for you. 

  1. Staff expansion model

You get the opportunity to hire a missing specialist for your team for temporary work on the project. It is also suitable for those who face a problem during the development process, and there is no expert on staff to solve it. As your outsourcing partner, we will study the requirements for the future employee and select several high-quality candidates with the right talent for you. 

  1. Dedicated development team

We will assemble a pool of specialists for you, who will get acquainted with your terms of reference and quickly get involved in product development. Our dedicated team will consist only of the specialists you need. For example, for application development on Android, we will involve a business analyst, a UI/UX designer, Android developers, and QA engineers. The team can be expanded or narrowed if necessary.

  1. Full project outsource model

You can hire us as a development partner, facilitating your organizational and managerial processes. We will undertake not only the coding, prototyping, or MVP development but also IT consulting, analysis of your target audience, drawing up the terms of reference, and release dates. In other words, we will ensure the development of your high-quality software from scratch and support it after the release.

Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing

The Deloitte study showed that 65% of respondents use offshore development services because it frees up time for solving the company’s main tasks. Another 63% named the reduction of costs for the product development process as the main advantage.

Key benefits of outsourcing:

  • Improving the quality of development. By hiring third-party software developers who have experience in your business sector, you gain access to the best solutions and innovative technologies. All this directly impacts the quality of the digital product and the speed of its delivery to end users. 
  • Timesaving. Outsourcing companies offer a staff of professionals who do not have to search for and organize their activities themselves. They already have well-established communication channels and cooperation strategies developed over the years. Therefore, the outsourcing team is ready to work immediately without wasting valuable time.
  • Budget savings. In-house development may be more profitable if the company has a staff of qualified IT engineers. But in cases where you do not have your own programmers for product development, it is more economical to hire a dedicated team. Accordingly, you don’t have to spend the budget on hiring, training, and purchasing equipment for new employees. 

Our Cases

Dedicated studio specialists are able to integrate no matter what product development cycle you need help with. See for yourself our success stories.

Industry Solutions We Worked On

We provide dedicated software development for more than 14 business sectors, so we are well aware of the peculiarities of each of them.

Our Benefits As Outsourcing Development Company

We know that choosing an outsourcing company is a responsible process on which the future of your project will depend. We, as a studio, are among the top 100 best agencies for the development of software solutions for business, guarantee you:

  • Forty-five talented and dedicated professionals. Each of them is a true virtuoso in their field.
  • Fast development. We select specialists individually for each project to reduce the time for software development.
  • Well-established communication. We will always be in touch with you to avoid even the slightest misunderstanding during cooperation.
  • DevOps methodology. Ensures the creation of high-quality apps through the coordinated work of all team members.
  • Free сonsultation. Our manager will answer all your questions in detail so that you can make an informed decision.

Our Outsourcing Software Development Process

Our outsourcing developers are guided by trend-setting methodologies to ensure digital products’ rapid creation and deployment. Over the years, we have established all work processes within the studio and continue improving them according to the latest technologies in the IT market. We also have several communication channels with clients to promptly resolve issues that arise and maintain smooth communication with company representatives.

Business analysis

To create a truly in-demand and useful app, we will comprehensively study your industry, target audience, and competitors’ solutions. Your idea will be implemented per potential users’ business needs and interests.

UX design

Our experts are capable of competently structuring even the most feature-rich application. We will write all kinds of user stories and test them. Thus, your audience will get a positive user experience when interacting with the product. 

UI design

Studio designers are talented people who can turn the most trivial idea into an original solution. The visuals and location of the buttons are the first things the average user of the program pays attention to. The same factors determine whether a person will continue to use it, so we always pay proper attention to UI design.


We will develop convenient business logic for any digital solution and perform all necessary work on the server side. Our outsourcing team will provide your web app or website with high fault tolerance and fast response to user requests.

Mobile app development

Development project for mobile devices is implemented by our studio using the best frameworks and advanced programming languages. We specialize in writing code for Android, iOS, and cross-platform apps.


The studio’s QA engineers use both manual and automated testing to thoroughly check the product’s smallest details and correct errors promptly. Making adjustments along the way significantly saves time before release and the financial cost of rework.

Support & maintenance

Lampa studio provides outsourced end-to-end software development services with the further provision of ongoing technical support and maintenance. Also, our experts will help you to develop and release an update to the product if necessary. 

Core Technologies We Use

We use only proven innovative technologies to provide you with the best outsourcing development services in the IT market.

How To Start Working With Us?

To get started, fill out an application on our website in the “Contact Us” section or call us on the phone. The first consultation, during which we will discuss the outsourcing development service you need, is free for all our clients. Before discussing the details of the project, we will sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement), draw up a cooperation agreement, and begin forming the dedicated team.


Want to know more about the Lampa studio work? Check out the most frequently asked questions from our customers. If you don’t find the information you need here, please email our manager, and they will contact you as soon as possible.

Can I test Lampa’s services before deciding on a long-term partnership?

Yes, you can send us a test assignment to make sure of our competence. There are also case studies on our website, from which you will get more information about how we help businesses grow.

How much does it cost to outsource software development?

In various foreign outsourcing companies, services are priced differently. For example, in Eastern Europe, the rates vary from $25–$50 per hour, in Asia – $18–40, and in America – $55–$150. The cost is also affected by project complexity, deadlines, functionality, the programming language, the number of specialists, etc.

Do you offer a refund or money-back guarantee?

Yes, we will reimburse or partially cover your financial expenses in case of problems caused by our employees.

How do you ensure IP (intellectual property) and data protection?

Before we start each project, we sign an NDA to guarantee you the confidentiality of the data you entrust to us during our collaboration.

Why should I go to a company and not a freelancer or freelance platform?

Several facts speak in favor of development outsourcing companies:

  • saving time on team selection because the company already has all the necessary specialists;
  • fast development of a reliable product since you do not need to spend time setting up communication between developers;
  • guarantee of project completion on time since most studios value their reputation.