Do you need a modern cross-platform app for business? Do you want a universal tool with top features? Order Node.JS development services from Lampa company – take advantage of JavaScript frameworks to implement all the functionality.

Our Node.JS Development Services

As industry experts, we offer you a full range of services, including development case studies. Our development expertise allows you to implement an end-to-end Node.JS solution where all the necessary functionality will be implemented. Our specialists provide a full range of services, regardless of their complexity.

Node.JS Backend Development

We use Node.JS in the development process when creating backend software components. With the help of this framework, we implement a complex architecture with tables, a dependency system, and JSON communication templates. Node.JS web development tools help to accelerate product release and create a fully functional web application with the possibility of its adaptation for mobile OS.

Custom Development

Using Node.JS reduces development costs and thus reduces the client’s own software release costs. We strive to provide customers with the best price/quality ratio by developing Node.JS applications. With the services of the team of Node.JS Lampa, you get access to the best technologies in the IT market. Our development team will release a digital solution for your business just in time and implement the full list of features in the MVP. 


In addition to project development, Lampa company conducts a full audit with the maintenance of the software solution. Our Node.JS experts examine software architecture and code and study all integrations and modules. If necessary, they work on bugs or upgrade the digital solution at the client’s request. This reduces IT product support costs and the number of bugs.

Enterprise Solutions

We offer our clients a complex Node.JS development of a project of any complexity. We will implement it just in time, whether it is ERP, CRM, CMS, WMS, PIM, Healthcare app, or any other type of software. If necessary, we’ll implement PayPal using Node.JS or any other payment system you choose. We will implement the integration of external services and modules and synchronize the digital product with the tools or systems of 3PL partners.

Web App Development

Lampa company offers customers the best Node.JS development experience on the market. We will develop a web application of any complexity for you, conduct comprehensive testing and deploy a digital product on the best cloud hosting. All our IT solutions are cross-platform and run in all popular browsers and operating systems. 

Node.JS Migration

If you have a ready-made application or system, but it doesn’t meet your business needs – we’ll use Node.JS to build an innovative, scalable digital product. Leverage our Node.JS expertise to create an IT solution that can handle any task or workload. Node.JS web development service from Lampa will solve 90% of your business application problems. 

Why We Use Node.JS For Backend Web Development?

Node.JS web app development services by Lampa company – recognized expert in the market. We create the best IT solutions that help businesses grow and scale. 

Node.JS in the backend is a guarantee of reliability, stability to loads, and security of the digital solution. The framework has powerful advantages:

  • high performance;
  • easy scalability;
  • low resource usage;
  • large community;
  • good selection of libraries;
  • support for cross-functional commands;
  • low response time for app queries;
  • short development and release times;
  • flexible work with the cache;
  • full support for cross-platform software.

Node.JS development agency Lampa maximizes the potential of the framework to create unique and productive solutions for browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari; OS: Windows, Linux, macOS; mobile systems: iOS, Android, HarmonyOS, TizenOS, Oxygen, MIUI, OneUI. Our Node.JS specialists will implement for you a Node.JS project of any complexity with top-notch UX in a reasonable time.

Our Node.JS Development Company Case Studies

We have implemented more than 100 projects on Node.JS development solutions. Want to convince yourself of our expertise? Take a look at examples of Lampa’s Node.JS programmers.

Industry Solutions We Worked On

Node.JS web application development service from Lampa is a comprehensive approach to each client. Our experts have extensive experience in the IT industry and have completed more than 100 projects for different companies and businesses.

Clients Say

As a rule, the best evidence of a developer’s expertise is feedback from satisfied customers. Here are the reviews of our past projects!

Development Methodologies We Use

We use only modern algorithms, methods, and tools in our work. That’s why you always get the highest quality digital solutions with the best UX on the market, flexible functionality, scalability, and lifetime support.

We develop software by the following methods:

  • Scrum;
  • Agile;
  • DevOps;
  • TestDevOps;

To control the development and client reporting, we provide full documentation of the implemented fragments and completed stages using CI/CD tools such as Jenkins. That’s why you can check the status of your project at any time and even make your own adjustments. Flexibility is the key to a fast and quality release of both the MVP and the full version of the digital solution. 

Why Choosing Our Services For Node.JS Development Is a Good Idea?

Lampa is a recognized expert in developing digital solutions based on Node.JS. With our help, you will get the best IT product on the market and will be able to compete even with the most famous brands. 

Agile approach

We organize the workflow so that the client can make adjustments to the project at any stage. The Agile methodology allows us to adapt to edits and implement a digital solution promptly, pre-testing and optimizing it. 

Dedicated project manager

For each project, an Engineer is allocated who, with extensive experience in development, can objectively evaluate the code and overall progress. This contributes to the timely release of the MVP to the market and guarantees the digital product the highest possible quality.

100% client satisfaction

We use the motto, “If the client is not satisfied with our work – it’s not our client.” Out of more than 100 completed projects, we have not yet received a single neutral, much less negative, feedback from customers. Do you want to be sure of our professionalism? Delegate the task of developing an IT product to us. 

95% of the company – Senior and Middle engineers

We do not hire a staff of newcomers for the sake of budget savings. Our priority is the maximum professionalism and industry experience of each team member. That’s why Lampa employs people at the Middle and Senior levels, while Junior and Trainee learn their skills from senior colleagues while completing projects. 

15% employee turnover rate

A stable staff and a corporate atmosphere is the key to the quality of work on digital products. That is why we maintain a high level of involvement of all our developers in the projects and the life of the company as a whole. As a result, we have a formed staff of the best industry experts.

Thinking of the end user

The success of your business is the satisfaction of your customers multiplied by your marketing strategy and the quality of your products or services. That’s why we focus our development efforts on creating the best UX that will positively impact your revenue once your digital solution is released.

Engagement models

We try to maximize communication between all participants of the development process: designers, project managers, developers, and testers. For this purpose, we use the CI/CD method, connecting all the executors and representatives of the customer, thus implementing full control over the project. 

Dedicated team

We select executors for each project individually. For example, if you want to develop a product based on the Node.JS framework, we will provide you with experts in this technology who can create a high-quality digital solution.

Our Node.JS Development Process

We strive to produce only the best IT solutions for business. That’s why we provide a comprehensive software development service.

Our Node.JS Development Expertise

We at Lampa not only create masterpieces but also modernize ready-made IT solutions, turning them into the best digital products on the market.

Code audit

We study the finished software and conduct a comprehensive audit of the code, integrations, and external modules. We fix all the bugs in apps.

UX review

We’ll imagine ourselves as mere consumers and test your IT product for usability and performance.

Exploratory testing

We take the software apart into components and examine under a microscope every line of code and byte of information in search of defects.


We’ll check your digital product for vulnerabilities and improve its protection capabilities, adding modern security and encryption protocols.

Node.JS Technologies We Use

To deliver UX to your consumers, we use the most sophisticated technology and tools on the market. 

How Do We Cooperate?

We prefer to work remotely, reducing your costs for logistics and the rental of additional office space and equipment. In order not to reduce the efficiency of cooperation, we use the method of uninterrupted delivery of CI/CD, providing full control and transparency of the project implementation process.

Dedicated team

We will assemble a team for your project. We will select professionals with relevant technical stack skills and extensive experience working on similar digital products.


We will provide one or more experts for introduction to the existing development team. We will quickly integrate the expert into the project and ensure maximum involvement in the work.


Delegate the entire development task to us and deal with the main business processes of the company. We will quickly create everything you specify in the specifications and give you control over the work.


We know what you are interested in. That’s why our support specialists have prepared answers to the most common questions.

What companies use Node.JS for the backend?

Since Node.JS is now at the top of the used frameworks, probably many. But given the specifics of working with this technology, it is still better to delegate the project to experts. For example, us, Lampa.

How will a Node.JS backend help my business grow?

This framework is one of the best on the market in terms of scalability and query speed. Consumers will be comfortable using your software, and as a result, they will provide you with native advertising and customer traffic.

How many Node.JS developers will you allocate to my project?

As many as required by the scale of the project. If the task is of medium complexity, and the deadline is not too tight, only 2-3 experts in development are enough. Otherwise, the team includes a designer, a project manager, and QA.

How much does it cost to create a Node.JS backend?

The price can vary depending on the complexity of the project. The median cost ranges from $15,000 to $60,000. This is an approximate calculation for developing a store with mobile app versions on iOS and Android.

Is support for my Node.JS application free?

Yes, if it is developed and released by Lampa. Support of digital solutions created by third-party developers is provided by our specialists at the rate indicated on the site. This applies to all types of software.