In the era of the global prevalence of smartphones and other portable gadgets, the development of a mobile taxi app can take your transportation service to a new level. In the article, will explain to you what advantages such an app guarantees to the business, what functional features it should have and how our team approaches its creation.

Benefits of taxi apps for users

The development of a taxi app can bring a solid dividend for the company since such a service greatly simplifies life for both customers and drivers. The key benefits of such an app include the following aspects:

  • reducing the load on the dispatch service due to the automation of all order processing;
  • reducing the cost of the phone communication between customers and drivers, since all chatting is taken over by a mobile app;
  • the convenience of customers’ interaction with the taxi service significantly increases, since the drivers receive all the data for the order execution directly in the service;
  • both customers and the company can easily track all statistical data for each driver, which minimizes the conflict situations occurrence;
  • business management is greatly simplified due to detailed reporting, which is stored in the app.

Typical system structure

From the functional perspective, a taxi ordering app should have different capabilities for each of the parties involved:

Which platforms to choose: Android or iOS?

When choosing a development platform, you should take into account the specifics of the target audience and your budgetary capabilities. In recent years, the number of Android device owners has grown significantly thanks to high-quality Chinese brands like Huawei and Meizu. This factor plays an important role in reaching as many potential customers as possible, so we do not recommend that you focus solely on the iOS platform.

Synchronization with existing systems

To immediately provide customers with the highest quality services, you should not abandon the technologies that already exist on the market. Having described to our developers your requirements for synchronization with popular systems in time, you will be able to use proven APIs and other technologies that have already proven themselves in the market of passenger transportation services.

The best taxi ordering apps in demand in Ukraine:

  • Uklon is a popular aggregator of taxi orders, which entered the Ukrainian market in 2010 and focuses on regional centers and large cities. Through this app, customers can place orders without contacting the dispatch service, indicate all the parameters of the upcoming trip, communicate with selected drivers in a live chat, etc.
  • Uber is an international company founded in 2009, which is intensively popularized among Ukrainian customers. Their app is actively used both for the transportation of passengers and as a reliable courier service. A user-friendly interface, high quality of service, and an anonymous review system are the key advantages of this app.
  • Taxi Express has a smaller geographic coverage than previous services but offers no less useful functions to customers. With this app, you can not only order a regular taxi or truck but also hire drivers who will take you to your destination on your personal transport.

Stages of taxi app development:


At this stage, our team analyzes the market, existing mobile apps, audience needs, and also agrees with the customer the necessary range of functions for the mobile app. To move on to the next step in the development process, we discuss all the information gathered and get down to work after the final approval of the overall concept.


This is where our employees begin to implement all the insights that analytics uncover. The team of designers, programmers, and other specialists work according to strict technical specifications, which are also agreed with the client.


To grab the attention of potential taxi customers, our designers take into account many factors when creating the visual style of an app. They select the branded color scheme, create an intuitive interface structure, and make sure that the service is displayed qualitatively on different portable devices.


At this point, the development team proceeds to implement the functionality of the app through writing a code. After the implementation of all functional features, specialists check the user experience of the service and conduct a series of tests to ensure its stable operation.


A mobile app for ordering a taxi is an ideal way to automate business processes, which is useful for both drivers and customers. Such a service allows you to effectively track statistical information about trips and improve the provided services’ quality without the participation of dispatch service.