When developing an app, website, service, or any IT solution, it is essential to maximize the quality of the digital product. To do this, you need to connect manual testing service provider Lampa to the project. We will reduce the number of errors in your software to zero!

What We offer

Lampa specializes not only in the development of different types of software but also in all types of manual testing services. All members of our QA team have more than 7 years of experience testing and bug searching at all stages of the development process.

Test strategy

Manual QA testing services, as opposed to automation testing, require a more balanced approach to the work process. The testing strategy must be integrated with the software development life cycle. Providing manual testing services minimizes quality assurance costs while delivering high-quality manual application testing.

Lampa is one of the most reliable manual testing service providers on the market.

Test planning

Manual software testing company Lampa is one of the flagships of the QA industry. That’s why we can closely integrate into the project, covering up to 100% of tasks and functionality with test cases. Our QA engineers and QA testers create scenarios of the whole testing cycle in advance and upgrade them as needed.

Entrust your project to the testing company Lampa and forget about the problems with planning work.

Various types of testing

We provide comprehensive manual testing of different types.

Our manual testing services:

  • compatibility testing;
  • crowd testing;
  • control of a development team;
  • exploratory testing;
  • functional testing;
  • integration testing;
  • mobile testing;
  • performance testing;
  • regression testing;
  • security testing;
  • API testing;
  • user acceptance testing;
  • usability testing.

To do this, we use modern testing tools and partially automated testing for more mindful QA.

Use our manual testing to improve the quality of your digital product and achieve a top-notch user experience.

User acceptance testing

Since we have great experience in manual testing approaches, we know that bugs are best detected when the software is used directly. As a result, we get more valid results, demonstrating the digital product’s real readiness level.

Want to save your budget after the release? Delegate the task of finding bugs using custom methods to us.

Requirements traceability matrix

We and our professional testing team use only advanced manual testing tools to perform software testing and QA and cover 100% of the software testing needs of the project. The key to successful testing is the proper organization of testing teams with the provision of a manual testing process and consideration of all digital product specifications.

With manual testing experts at Lampa, you can perfectly organize and set up all testing activities.

Test metrics and reports

Manual testing service from Lampa is a modern set of software testers and quality services with testing options. In a test case, you will see detailed specifications, conditions, and features of the scenarios, as well as their results and description of bugs.

With Lampa’s testing experts, you will not only see the practical result of the QA but also see a detailed report on the work done.

Our Manual Testing Service Cases

Would you like to know why we are considered a top manual QA testing company? Take a look at the examples of our work!

Types Of Manual Testing That Lampa Performs

Lampa is the best manual QA testing services company on the market. We provide 100% test coverage of all project tasks through a comprehensive approach to testing.

Functional testing

This type of testing is still relevant and will remain so for years to come. That’s why we try to test all the functionality as much as possible before the project goes into release.

Compatibility testing

If you are developing a cross-platform digital product, you need a responsible tester. We will provide you with an expert who will test your IT solution on all target operating systems. 

Localization testing

This testing provides full compliance of all localization options with the original. It is essential not to make grammatical or logical errors in the texts to avoid consumer misunderstandings. 

Performance testing

Our manual software testing service will help you avoid software performance problems. We will run a comprehensive test and find code bugs that reduce performance.

Usability testing

We’ll investigate the whole product and identify problems with the usability of the software. To do this, we’ll write consumer scenarios and run a series of tests.

Accessibility testing

If your software is hosted in the cloud, you need to make sure it’s connected reliably. We will perform a comprehensive test of all elements and fix the problems. 

Regression testing

After each code upgrade, the risk of errors increases, but we won’t let that happen by testing backward compatibility between new and old components.

Exploratory testing

Random checks of components, integrations, and software modules help detect non-obvious problems. Lampa experts will examine your digital solution and find bugs, if any. 

Penetration testing

You’re worried about your customers’ security, right? We will examine the entire digital solution for vulnerabilities, authorization, and user authentication errors. 

Solutions for Industries We Have Expertise In

We work with all popular industries and their internal projects.

Our Benefits as a Manual Testing Service

We provide the best software manual testing services on the market.

Dedicated Team

A coordinated and fully staffed team will work on your digital product. This will increase the efficiency of your QA processes and the final quality of your IT solution.

Great Experience

More than 6 years on the market and more than 100 successful projects with an audience of more than 12 million people. These figures are more eloquent than any belief in our expertise.

Trusted by Brands

LetyShops, Axor, 4Seasons, 1+1, UNIAN, UNN, Chop-Chop, and Firm is a small part of our famous clients. In practice, we cooperate with dozens of brands all over the world.

Fully Dedicated Support

Our experts will come to your project’s aid any time of the day or night. We communicate with partners 24/7, 365 days a year, providing instant solutions to any problems that arise.

Holistic Approach

If we get involved in a project, we do not tolerate compromises. We provide a whole range of processes to release a top-quality digital product.


Lampa employs subject matter experts. This allows us to save on staff, providing lower prices for services. In addition, every bug found is a plus to save on the release.

Human Centricity

We put ourselves in users’ shoes to understand their points of view and desires. That’s why we ensure a high level of UX in software development.

Attention to Details

No bug goes unnoticed. Even the slightest misstep can eventually escalate into significant costs, so problems must be diligently sought out and eliminated. We’re doing it quite successfully.

Certified QA Engineers

The qualifications of our experts are confirmed by dozens of digital and physical certificates. We strive to keep skills at the highest level by updating the knowledge of Lampa employees.

Manual Tools & Technologies We Use

We use advanced tools and technical stack to solve client project tasks. That’s why our QA manual software testing services always deliver 100% results and significantly save partners’ budgets.

Our Fundamentals For Success In Manual Testing Cooperation

We do not tolerate compromises, providing the best quality services on the market!

Quality assurance tests and data security

All of our tests are based on years of experience and handle tasks as efficiently as possible.

Transparent Reporting

You will always be aware of your progress with CI/CD tools and detailed reporting.

Testing using the Business Continuity in Mind

You do not need to be distracted from the main business processes; we will provide a detailed report on the work.

Business-friendly timing

We adjust to clients in all matters, including activity times.

Co-operation with the development team

Our experts quickly jump into the work, establishing communication with developers simultaneously.

Our Manual QA & Testing Process

We know how to solve problems of IT solutions with testing. Lampa provides the best service on the market, which comprehensively closes almost 100% of the actual problems.

Requirement Analysis/Investigation

First of all, we investigate the digital product. Precisely: specifications, functionality, technical stack, data types, security means, and algorithms. Thanks to the information obtained, we can visualize the future process and break it down into checkpoints. Analytics allows us to fully determine the scope of work and predict the deadline for the project, taking into account all the variables.

Test Planning/Test Design

Having gathered information about the upcoming development (or the finished digital product), we can start creating scenarios, cases, algorithms, structures, and testing plans. This helps us organize the workflow from the first stages to the final release. With this approach, we guarantee timely completion of the project and 100% solution of the set tasks.

Checklist/Test case development

We take responsibility for our work, so we document all the goals that must be achieved before the release. This looks like a roadmap with detailed notes on what has to be done and when. We also create test scenarios where we describe the testing process step by step, specify the desired result and leave room for the actual result.

Test Environment setup

We use various local and cloud-based software suites to configure (emulate) the working environment. The choice of utilities and tools depends on the technical stack of the project, target platforms for development, and other specifications. We connect both real devices and virtual ones emulating certain characteristics and parameters of the OS or hardware elements.

Test Execution

Testing is performed as individual code components are ready. Our experts run scripts or manually examine an app to find and eliminate all types of bugs, regardless of their impact on the digital product. We try to cover 100% of development with testing to identify problems faster and eliminate them early in the development process.

Defect Tracking

A bug-tracking process is usually initiated if it cannot be fixed immediately after it is detected. This means that any integrations or code modifications are re-tested to determine how much the bug affects software operability. Even after it is fixed, the target component is periodically tested to prevent a recurrence. 

Test Closure

When a bug is successfully caught, localized, and destroyed – it can be considered eliminated and proceed to create a report. Closing the test is a detailed description of how the bug was found, what caused it, how it was fixed, and whether there is a possibility of a recurrence. If the bug does not reveal itself after repeated manipulations with the tests, it is documented and postponed until the project is complete.

KPIs We Use to Assess the Progress of Manual Testing and Team Performance

Checking test results and logs against specified coverage criteria.

Average and total number of created test cases.

Assessing the level of a component or system quality based on test results and logs.

Determining if more tests are needed (e.g., if tests originally intended to achieve a certain level of product risk coverage failed to do so, requiring additional tests to be written and executed).

Average and total number of found defects.

Effort variance (the ratio between actual and estimated testing efforts).

Percentage of issues reported by software users or found during user acceptance testing (for projects with development and testing going in parallel).


We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions for you. If you need specific information, please ask our manager.

Do you perform regression testing manually? How?

Our test cases and scenarios are often developed with regression in mind. That is, we reuse the same methods but consider code updates and modules. This reduces resource consumption and speeds up the process without harming the quality.

How much do manual software testing services cost?

It is believed that the cost of testing is equal to 15-25% of the total price of project development. In fact, many factors influence the price. For example, one project in different companies can be priced from $20,000 to $70,000.

Manual vs. automated testing – which one is better?

In practice, only combining these two methods brings 100% results. The manual method is designed for single tasks, while automation is designed for systematic or routine tasks. We recommend combining them.

When to sign an NDA?

Before you start a project. We, like you, understand the value of data, including ideas, technical details, etc. That’s why we strive to keep everyone involved in the project safe by signing NDAs before the details are made public.

How experienced are your manual testers?

Each of our testers began their journey in QA long before working for the company. On average, that’s 7-12 years of experience. Accordingly, all of our experts have a high level of accreditation and are ready to solve problems of any complexity.

How soon can you start?

Immediately after signing a cooperation agreement and discussing the terms of the contract. Our specialists are quickly integrated into the project team and will be performing their direct duties within a few days.

What browsers and devices do you manually test on?

All platforms and operating systems that are required to implement the project. This can be Windows, macOS, Linux, browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, as well as mobile devices based on iOS, Android, or their variations.