Need scalable IT solutions for business? Delegate the task to the professionals at Lampa! We will develop a progressive digital product that thoroughly covers your company’s needs. Consulting, management, testing, migration, development – we provide all kinds of services.

Our JavaScript Development Services

Custom JavaScript development services by Lampa are a collaboration of advanced technology and years of experience.

Angular Development

We create innovative IT solutions based on the progressive and productive Angular.js framework, which perfectly copes with apps of any complexity. The team uses the platform‘s tools to build architecture with JSON scripts and deploy the ecosystem in the cloud. Our services offer a modern working tool to solve the most complex digital business tasks.

ReactJS Development

Our JavaScript development firm builds and deploys systems based on React.js. Get a competitive edge with the fast development of a digital solution for your business. Use the frameworks‘ top features to implement complex software architecture, user-friendly interfaces, and productive code. 

VueJS Development

We create cutting-edge web interfaces for businesses using the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architecture of the Vue.js framework. Take advantage of the technology to develop flexible and productive systems for your company. With the help of Lampa experts, you’ll get a top-of-the-line tool to work with, available in the browser and mobile versions.

Redux Development

Redux-based JavaScript software development services from Lampa are the best way to quickly deploy your IT product and rapidly break into the market. We use advanced development algorithms and logic architecture building, getting maximum framework performance. As a result, it allows us to deploy fast and user-friendly apps for businesses and their consumers.

Node.js Development

Tired of slow and unscalable IT solutions? Node.js provides almost full carte blanche to develop modern mobile and web apps with the highest quality UX. Use the expertise and experience of the Lampa team to digitally implement your ideas. Get a competitive advantage in your target market in time. 

Type script Development

Need an interactive web app for business? Want to implement a modern, user-friendly tool for business? Use TypeScript to deploy an innovative digital system. Lampa specializes in working with this framework and can quickly develop a web solution of any complexity for all business sectors. 

Express.js Development

Do you find it hard to scale your business and squeeze the maximum performance out of outdated technologies? Lampa experts will implement an app or system complex based on Express.js, giving your business a powerful platform. With our help, you can quickly transform your digital product and offer the target market an innovative IT solution.  

MeteorJS Development

Use the potential of a feature-rich framework to implement Back-end and Front-end components of an IT product for the business. This process won’t take much time with Lampa experts, and you’ll get a completely ready-to-go solution in the next few weeks. The cross-platform product will allow you to reach a new level and offer innovative UX to your clients, which will increase the profitability of your enterprise.

Ember JS Development

Do you want to present your IT product to the world quickly and efficiently? Use the potential of Ember.js to create a unique web app or SPA (Single Page Application). With the help of Lampa specialists, you will realize your idea in time and break into your target market, effectively pushing back the competitors and winning popularity with your target audience.

Our Cases

See for yourself the expertise of the Lampa team! Look at the examples of our implemented projects!

Industry Solutions We Worked On

There are no barriers for JavaScript development companies! We at Lampa try to ensure that each of our clients receives the latest technology, regardless of their business niche!


We implement for you such systems as ERP, CRM, PIM, and WMS, and a number of necessary business API integrations with 3PL software suppliers or partners.  


Lampa experts will develop it for you, using as a basis reliable dedicated hosting (AWS, Azure) and the best JavaScript frameworks.


Implement a system to control weight, calories, walking schedule, and many other functions in a hybrid or native version with Lampa. 


We will conduct a complete audit of the market, select the optimal technical stack and develop the best app according to your requirements.  


We implement a modern digital product with secure and fast payment gateways, end-to-end encryption, and blockchain.


We will implement all the functionality and add protocols for synchronizing data with social networks and special devices. 


We will introduce advanced technologies and implement support for all existing trackers, smartwatches, and bracelets on the market. 

Social Network

JavaScript web application development company Lampa will develop a unique modern social network for you. 

Cashback Service

JavaScript development service from Lampa is the best way to present a modern and convenient digital product to receive cashback for transactions.


Implement your own toolset for any industry with Lampa’s JavaScript application development services


We will create for you an IT product of any complexity, use SMART on FHIR, HL7, as well as connect EMR/EHR, implement GDPR/HIPAA certificates, and others.


We will deploy the platform on reliable hosting, implement all the necessary functionality, and provide seamless integration of payment systems.


Mobile cross-platform software from Lampa with support for online transfers and payment cards – all you need for comfortable travel. 


Create a unique trading platform and unite thousands of buyers and sellers in one resource with innovative design and features. 

Clients Say

See our expertise for yourself! Become one of our satisfied customers!

Development Methodologies We Use

By providing JavaScript app development services, we strive to give our clients the maximum quality and the shortest possible development time for the timely release of the product on the market. That is why our methodologies are the most modern and advanced:

  • Agile
  • DevOps
  • TestDevOps
  • Scrum
  • Feature Driven Development

Want to know more and choose the best one for your project? Contact our manager for a consultation!

Why Choosing Our Services For Java Script Development Is a Good Idea?-1

Lampa is a JavaScript web app development company that will implement a project of any complexity for you due to the expertise of the team and its skills.

  • Dedicated team

We provide both a comprehensive outsourcing or outstaffing development service, as well as the allocation of part of the experts to integrate into the existing team. Using the experience of our experts, you get the best digital product on the market.

  • Strong technology base

Our specialists are competent in using advanced and reliable frameworks (Angular, Laravel), databases (MySQL, MongoDB), cloud services (AWS, Azure), and development languages (PHP, JavaScript). We will implement a project of any complexity promptly and provide it with a full range of support.

  • Great cost of work

Our price is designed for any size of budget. Our services are available even to small tech startups with crowdfunding funding. The cost depends on the complexity, timing, and functions of the project and allows you to first launch the product on the market and then scale it up without affecting the budget.

Want to know more about us? Ask our manager!

Our JavaScript Development Process

Lampa is a JavaScript application development company that leverages resources to solve relevant problems on time!

Wireframing & Design

We conduct a detailed project audit and mock up the future IT solution better than other JavaScript development firms. At this stage, we create the product’s design and interface elements and perform UX optimization. Everything to ensure the maximum comfort of the use of the TA software. With our help, you will get a unique interface and an advanced and productive graphics engine.

Build Architecture

We design control logic, dependency trees, classes, containers, and other elements of the Back-end and Front-end components of a digital product. We try to simplify the code as much as possible so that the performance of the IT solution is at the proper level and does not cause discomfort to users. We implement powerful modern frameworks and thus provide the best UX on the market. 

Software Development

We write program code, work with frameworks, modules, and integrations. We strive to ensure that the IT product reaches the release stage as quickly as possible without losing quality. In addition, we involve a QA team to search for and eliminate bugs. In the process, we debug all the components, and customize external modules and third-party payment gateways, services, and systems.


After the release of a digital solution, we support the product throughout its lifecycle by implementing the platform, security, and UI updates. If necessary, we scale the application and implement new features. We continuously monitor the state of the digital solution and its network and local processes and troubleshoot bugs that arise in the process. 

Our JS Development Expertise

JavaScript web development company Lampa is a supplier of quality and reliability for your IT products. We not only create but also modify finished ones.

Code audit

We’ll examine your code and find problematic fragments that reduce performance or interfere with functional operations.

UX review

Look at the software from the user’s point of view, identify the causes of poor interaction with the application, and fix them.

Exploratory testing

Explore a fully digital solution and create an upgrade plan that fixes the software’s problem areas and functionality.


Check for vulnerabilities in your digital product and improve its security capabilities, adding modern security and encryption protocols.

Technologies We Use

Lampa has only modern and reliable technology in its arsenal.


  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Digitalocean

Data Bases:

  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Apache


  • Node.js
  • Express
  • React
  • Preact
  • Nest.js

Programming Languages:

  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript


  • Websocket
  • Nginx
  • Rest API


  • Docker
  • Sentry
  • Jenkins
  • Microservice architecture
  • Elasticsearch
  • Swagger
  • Memcached

How We Can Cooperate-1

How We Can Cooperate

Interaction models for your goals and objectives

Dedicated team

A successful model for Java Script development firm services for large-scale, long-term projects. You choose experts from the team that the project requires at this moment. It could be a team of professionals or programmers in different areas like BA UX/UI, QA, and Quality Assurance. The team is fully-time-based, following your requirements. You control it on your own or with the help by our manager for the project.


Flexible hiring of experts primarily for projects that are short-term. You employ remote contractors to perform certain tasks. They work on a full-time basis to accomplish only your company’s goals and conform to your corporate style of work. You have full control over your management.


Access to an extensive pool of IT expertise for every project, no matter the deadline or complexity. You assign tasks or business procedures (fully/partially) to specialists from outside. Contractors offer their services for an hourly or fixed cost. You are able to stay in contact with them via our manager, and change the composition of your team at your own discretion.


We have prepared for you a list of frequently asked questions, which you will surely find useful and interesting information. If the data you are interested in is not here – write to our manager and get a detailed answer.

What are the most popular JavaScript frameworks?

Right now, React.js is in the lead, but jQuery, Express, Angular, Vue, Meteor, Mithril, and Polymer are not far behind. In fact, there are a lot more of them, they are just designed to solve different problems. Choose any that fits your project and give us the job of developing it.

How much do JavaScript development services cost?

Depends on factors such as languages and frameworks needed, the scale of the project, complexity, functionality, timing, team size, type of collaboration, and technology licensing. The more items you need to implement, the more expensive development.

Can I hire JavaScript developers from you?

Yes, we provide the service of a dedicated team, both stand-alone and with the introduction of our specialists in the client’s team. They will help you implement your project on time and treat the work entrusted to them responsibly.

Do you maintain the JavaScript project after handover?

Support is provided for the entire period of cooperation or until the end of the life cycle of the digital product we have developed. We also provide timely updates of the IT solution and, if necessary, its scaling.