Test your business objectives for validity and viability with the Lampa team!

We will do a set of measures to test the requirements specification. 

Delegate the task of project success verification to us and mitigate risks before you start working on a digital product. 

Lampa’s Business Analysis Services

To ensure the highest quality of digital solutions and high ROI, it is necessary to clearly define business needs, ideas, goals, and conduct market and competitor analysis. This will allow you to prepare strategic planning, form a roadmap and concentrate your efforts on leveling out possible risks when launching a new product on the market. Delegate such a task to Lampa company and get the most effective consulting services.

User Interview

Consider your audience’s interests and opinions when planning business development and/or digital products. Lampa will help you build a communication bridge with consumers of brand services or products through transparency of surveys, collecting feedback on existing products. With information about user needs, it will be easier for you to develop a marketing and technology strategy for successful scaling.

Technical research

To find the best solution to realize ambitious plans in product development or its rework, you need a project analysis considering the specification of business processes and technical requirements. Objectives for the technical analysis should be entrusted to the Lampa experts, who provide the best business analysis consulting. With our analysis, you will be able to implement the advanced technologies in which your customers are interested.

Information architecture (IA)

The logic and architecture of the information hierarchy in BaaS are important not only for the business analyst but also for the developer or development team. Lampa experts will help you optimize the structure and define the SRS of the future digital product for a brand or start-up. This will improve the quality of the product, the services provided, and the efficiency of the business as a whole through the proper organization of data.

Reports preparation

The use of business analysis in the preparation of the project solves several problems at once; it reduces risks, helps to form wireframes featured projects, and digitalize specific business. Lampa specialists will conduct a full range of checks on the feasibility of the idea and prepare a detailed analysis for a stakeholder with an understandable report on the bottlenecks. With it, you will be able to manage the business more effectively, fixing issues and successfully scaling the brand’s IT solution.

System prototype

Prototyping the project before product development allows you to analyze business requirements and test the system, whether everything works or not. Lampa experts will conduct a global study of project requirements and product features using advanced techniques and tools before direct implementation in the market. With the help of a prototype, you will evaluate the demand for the solution and predict its success with the target audience.

Project risk assessment

A preliminary study of software requirements and BA mitigates up to 70% of possible risks. Professionals at Lampa provide a business analysis service that will help your project consider all possible negative factors and avoid failure when launching a startup or digital product. This includes both technical and marketing analytics, clearly demonstrating the product’s chances of success.

What Do You Get?

With the help of BA, a company opens new perspectives and opportunities for brand development. By extracting information from open and closed sources, niche analysis through Data Lakes, and in-depth study of your business by our specialists, you get access to useful data. You can use it to assess risks, build a scaling strategy and choose priority technologies. It will also give you access to a new target audience, marketing, and technical solutions. Do not miss the chance to develop your brand with minimal cost for analytics with the services of industry experts, Lampa.

Working in tandem with business analysis services company Lampa, you get:

  • access to useful information for business development;
  • comprehensive analysis of competitors and their collaboration;
  • consulting on technology, selection of the optimal framework for the project;
  • assistance in software development and QA product, such as mobile apps;
  • calculation and support of the viability of the project cycle;
  • the most productive brainstorming;
  • implementation of enterprise custom software.

We help businesses grow. That’s why our services will be useful for your company to develop not only a quality software product in a short time but also to provide comprehensive information on the current state of the market. As a result, it will bring financial and competitive benefits to your brand by implementing in-demand solutions before the next deadline

Our cases

Would you like to see for yourself our expertise? Look at the results of Lampa requirements business analysis services in examples of completed projects.

Why Business Analysis Is Important

The secret to a successful business is information. The more data you have, the better you can prepare for launching or scaling your enterprise. The same goes for digital products.

Regardless of the industry, the size of the company, the number of employees, and the specifics of the business – the key role of success and position in the market is information. It includes:

  • information about the current state of the market;
  • number of players;
  • industry trends;
  • popularity of technologies and functions in IT solutions;
  • consumer desires and priorities;
  • market needs in digital products;
  • state of the business, its key ideas, and values, and benefits for the target audience;
  • software architecture, control logic, UX;
  • marketing solutions and relevant topics.

With such a comprehensive information component, you’re sure to effectively scale your business and take it to the next level. In addition, you’ll gain a competitive edge and set your digital product apart from the same kind of IT solutions.

Lampa supports almost all modern popular industries. We’ll do for you:

  • comprehensive market research;
  • analysis of user needs;
  • verification of the relevance of the idea;
  • analysis of competitors’ products and techniques;
  • consulting on the technical stack, marketing;
  • support throughout the life cycle of the IT solution;
  • risk assessment;
  • calculation of investments and their profitability;
  • forecasting ROI and conversion rates;
  • study of digital product specifications and requirements;
  • development of a road map;
  • creation of logical and information structures, architectures;
  • recommendations for the market launch and development of the IT solution.

If it is essential for you to minimize the risks of launching a business or a digital product, you need comprehensive analytics. Delegate your research project to Lampa experts and get a detailed analysis with forecasts and assessments, which will help you decide and implement a successful start-up.

Solutions for Industries We Have Expertise In

Since 2014, we have successfully completed more than 100 projects in the IT market, which have attracted an audience of 12 million users. During this period, we have managed to work in the most popular industries, which has helped improve the skills and experience of every specialist in the company. Want to see for yourself? Delegate your project to us!








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Our Benefits as a Business Analysis Company

Lampa appreciates the holistic approach to solving problems, so it offers customers the most balanced set of services, which include:

  • Constant meetings with clients to improve communication and discuss actual project tasks.
  • Comprehensive approach to consulting, software development, QA services, and post-release support.
  • Develop and implement a roadmap considering deadlines, business specifics, and relevance.
  • Reducing development costs without loss of quality by streamlining all processes.
  • Communication and consulting support to address TA and digital product issues.
  • Capturing metrics, analytics, and customer communication for software and business development success.
  • Selection of innovative technologies to deliver the best UX in the target market.
  • Complete research of the target market, including competitor solutions and TA requests.
  • Allocation of an expert for continuous project support and development 24/7.

All of these services, when combined, bring effective results from the first stages of work. Do you want to ensure maximum quality for your project? Entrust Lampa with your digital product’s analytical preparation, planning, design, development, and testing!

Business Analysis Tools

Our experts use advanced tools, systems, and complexes to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. With their help, we take metrics, and statistics, collect reports and assess risks and financial investments. They also make it possible to implement maximum transparency of services, integrating all development participants into a single CI/CD network and opening access to progress monitoring for all stakeholders.

  • Tableau
  • SWOT
  • Draw.io
  • InVision
  • BPMN
  • Figma
  • Slack
  • Google drive
  • Trello
  • Zoom
  • Zeplin
  • Jira
  • Asana
  • Forecast
  • Confluence
  • Balsamiq
  • Miro
  • Monday
  • Notion
  • Microsoft teams
  • Firebase analytics
  • Amplitude
  • Intercom
  • UXcam

Business Analysis Process

Providing analytical services, we form our own strategy and methodology for more effective research of target resources. For example, when we study the market, we focus on the key players, their path to popularity, current functionality, technology, services, design, and marketing. This allows us to form a complete picture that will form the basis of your future successful digital product. 

Requirement Analysis

Research Consulting

Specification Creation

Project Development


We know how important it is for you to understand the nuances of our services. We have prepared answers to common questions. If the information you need is unavailable here, please contact our manager, and they will explain the details.

What does the cost of Business Analysis depend on?

As with other services in the IT industry, the cost of analytics depends on a number of factors: the size of the project, the amount of information of interest, the complexity of data mining and analysis, the number of experts involved, and the time frame. 

What does a Business Analyst do?

An analyst researches the market obtains information, structures it, analyzes, and prepares a detailed report for a client. The analyst weighs all the risks, determines the optimal technical stack and the project’s scale, draws conclusions, and orders the development. 

What does Business Analysis (BA) mean for your business?

The value of BA to your business is in access to information. The more marketing, technical, and resource data you get in the analytics process, the more informed decisions you can make about your project.

When do you need to employ Business Analysis services?

Always. To launch a start-up, evaluate an existing business, develop a parallel strategy, scale, prepare for the release of a digital solution, change the business, increase efficiency or brand awareness.